Yatika an ambitious and raring to go erstwhile student of Bal Vihar VIDYA, has dreams in her eyes and feels that her present proficiency in English is her biggest strength. She attributes her success to the continued efforts of the teachers at Bal Vihar, especially Charu Maam, who encouraged her to keep improving on her English, whether speaking abilities or her language skills.

Despite the fact that she came from a humble background, her father being a driver and mother a housewife, she never gave up on her dreams. She kept working hard tirelessly and now after completing English honours, she has an interesting career option of pursuing criminal psychology, at a later stage.
When she looks back at her early days in school, though she studied for a short period of 2 years, at VIDYA, she feels proud of the kind of values she imbibed from the school. The staff taught her the importance of humility and how it could take her a long way in her life. When she joined a senior school, after completing her stint in VIDYA, there she saw that some kids used to show off their money and expensive items, but she stuck to her roots and felt proud of the fact that she remained grounded, despite getting tempted by her peer group.

All through her years in school, she has always maintained this humility and prides in this fact that she has a high-value system, and due to this, she respects everyone who comes in contact with her.
She would like to pass on a message to her juniors that they should cherish the time, that they spend in VIDYA and try to learn to the best of their capabilities.

She feels that if she gets a super power, then she would certainly want to eradicate gender discrimination and poverty completely. She has a never say die attitude, and feels that one should never give up on their dreams. She has complete confidence on her abilities and wants to fulfill her dreams, to the best of her capacity.