COVID-19 is devastating for everyone. But the worst affected are those who were already severely disadvantaged to begin with. The country-wide lockdown is medically necessary but has put insurmountable stress on these populations.

Less privileged communities are dependent on family, friends, neighbours, government programs, small businesses and NGOs like us for meeting all their daily and monthly needs. During this COVID-19 lockdown those options are severely constrained, and there is also the additional need for reliable supplies and personal protective equipment.

Since VIDYA already has a foothold and many decades worth of trust among the communities we work in inside Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, we have initiated a program to help all those we can in these difficult times.

Your generous donation will be used to purchase and distribute groceries, preventive kits and any other essentials that may be needed.

Indian Residents can donate using the link below:

If you’re donating from outside India, please use our ICA page and make sure to select “VIDYA India” in the donate page.
You can mention “COVID-” in the transaction notes.

You can also use one of the direct bank transfer options for international donors:

Direct Bank Transfers

Our new FCRA bank account details are as follows:

Name as appear in Bank : Vidya Integrated Development For Youth and Adults
Account Type : FCRA
Account No. : 39915436531
Bank Name : State Bank of India
Branch Code : 00691
IFSC Code : SBIN0000691
Address : State Bank Of India, New Delhi Main Branch, 11, Sansad Marg, New Delhi – 110001

Please note: if you’re a not a resident of India or you’re using a non-Indian account or card, we cannot accept your donation through our Razorpay gateway. We request you to use ICA or direct bank transfer, as mentioned above.

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How VIDYA has Adapted to COVID-19

And How You Can Help Us Serve Our Beneficiaries

At VIDYA, we know our work cannot stop. Since those we serve are less privileged individuals already suffering from financial and social problems, it is even more important that we step up to take our cause even further. So how do we follow all the rules of social distancing and the laws around epidemics while continuing to serve our students?

In addition to our own program to distribute groceries and essentials, VIDYA has been connecting individuals to organisations and good samaritans for various other needs. On the education front, we are rapidly building a new paradigm of interaction with our students and motivating and encouraging them to keep themselves and their loves ones safe and happy. Some of the tech and organizational solutions we’ve rapidly adopted across all 76+ VIDYA projects over a matter of weeks: 

  • Switching to digital learning platforms where possible, like SWAYAM
  • Creation of whatsapp groups, Zoom classes, and scheduled conference calls
  • Using note/book-based learning methods where digital learning is not practical 
  • Revising curriculums and subjects for the next semester
  • Rigorous preparation and planning for teaching aids for the next academic year
  • Changing of exam schedules
  • Providing support staff with wages and financial support
  • Several awareness sessions on the proper, officially-approved methods for hygiene, containment and getting help (including homework for the children so they learn it better)
  • Facilitating rations and other essential needs through our own contacts and third-parties 

Apart from this, the devastating effects this has had on the economy also means that very soon VIDYA may run short of funds for some of our programs. We have planned our financials well enough to function at a leaner capacity for several months without affecting those we serve, but the extended nature of this current crisis, with many donors themselves feeling great financial pressure, means that we need to raise funds and resources now to make sure there is no interruption of our work for the 15,000 children, youth and women we currently serve.

Our VIDYA teachers took on the challenge of pivoting our entire syllabus to e-learning almost overnight, and they are succeeding! These e-classes are continuing our students’ education, and keeping them engaged, motivated, and connected to their peers and teachers.

However, many have just one phone per family and that makes sustainability a challenge.

We foresee that e-learning will become a standard practice and a necessity. We have pledged not to leave any student behind. Our students are hard-working children, youth and women with dreams of achievement and social progress. We appeal to you to help them by donating second-hand mobile phones, tablets & laptops or donating towards procuring them.

Your investment in these amazing students will change their future and encourage the students and teachers alike!

Our contact details below (we can arrange pick-ups):


You can also donate directly to our COVID initiatives, as detailed in the sections above.

Or you can help us build our corpus or donate to our programs. Click here for donation options -> Donate to VIDYA’s Programs

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