356 million Indians are under the age of 25.
That’s 30% of the country’s population, many of whom live at or below the poverty line!

Indian youth hold the future of the country in their hands. With empowerment and education, they can realize their potential and bring India into a golden age of prosperity, and change the world with it. To do that, they need what many don’t have now– exposure, awareness, opportunities and the capacity to reach for their dreams.

VIDYA works hard everyday to bring that to them.
We assist with graduation for dropouts, facilitate scholarships and vocational training, and offer counselling. We also teach spoken English, life skills and IT skills in all our youth programs– these are real-world skills that increase self-confidence and employability.

The skill gap in India is expected to expand greatly by 2022, all involving careers that are fulfilling, well-paid and may even be a stepping stone to entrepreneurship for youth. There are currently at least 7 million such jobs in need of of skilled individuals. This is why our goal for this year is to design more accredited, high-quality programs that will train youth for these careers.

We’d love if you could play a part in making this happen!
Join us, contribute, volunteer, or simply spread awareness to become a part of the VIDYA movement!

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