Nearly 85% of the women we spoke to in the communities we work with said that their children’s well-being was their highest priority.

VIDYA believes that education begins at home. In less-privileged communities, the mother or the girl child is typically the main caregiver in the family, yet also the most affected. This means that empowering women empowers the communities they live in.

Our programs aim to enable economic independence and increase capacity, so what we teach them is holistic and practical. For instance, we’ve created a program to meet the increasing demand for women drivers in Bangalore. We train less privileged women to be drivers to a professional level where they can expect good pay and job benefits, which ensures that they’re economically independent.

All our programs incorporate spoken English training, life skills, IT skills and vocational courses. We also conduct awareness programs for women’s issues, child care, general knowledge, and offer counselling services. A strong, independent mother serves as a role model for her family, and encourages her children to have healthy attitudes towards gender issues.

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