Mamta an aspiring fashion designer and a former student of Bal Vihar VIDYA, attributes all her instant success and achievements, to her formative years, of the initial years in the school. She is presently a BSc Home Science Student of Institute of Home Economics Delhi.

A resident of Delhi, Mamta acquired admission to the school at Bal Vihar, in nursery class and life took a positive turn for her in many ways. She learned with enthusiasm whatever that was taught to her. After her stint in the school, despite the fact that she was only ten years old at that time, she was very confident, in relation to her subject knowledge and knew that she will try to perform to the best of her capability, academically. She joined the Gargi Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya and continued her education over there till class 12. She constantly missed her teachers in Bal Vihar, but gradually adjusted to the new environment.

Presently after her graduation, she has a host of opportunities, such as becoming a child psychologist, journalist, dietician or a fashion designer, after she completes her graduation. She has her eyes set on becoming a fashion designer, if she gets the right financial help, at a later stage.

When she was a young girl, a phase of struggle came her way, when she had to fund her own studies by taking tuitions and she is proud of the fact, that she could sail through that phase with ease. Due to the constant support of the staff at Bal Vihar she egged on to reach where she has reached now. The Up to learn how to sing, is cherished by her, as she enjoys singing thoroughly. VIDYA had made it possible as she was admitted to Sangeet Vidyalaya, nearby to understand the intricacies of singing and was trained for it.

Manta would like to give a message to her juniors that they should be determined, to achieve whatever they want in their lives, as she strongly believes that where there is a will, there is a way.

She also feels that if she had a super power, then she would certainly want to change the thought process, among the people, which supports gender discrimination. As she feels that every girl is super power in her own right.

As a closing statement, she would like to add, that each person should dream big, as it is these dreams that help you to achieve impossible things in life.