“The mind once enlightened cannot again become dark.”
― Thomas Paine

Vidya School, Gurgaon had a humble beginning. We started as adjuncts to other schools in Gurgaon as we lacked space and infrastructure. Today, we are located on a 5-acre campus with state-of-the-art facilities like science and robotics laboratories, a library, and a field for sports.

We started with a few primary school children and teachers. Today we are a composite full-fledged Senior Secondary school from kindergarten to grade 12. We now serve over 1100+ students. Our gender ratio is nearly 50:50, in line with our dedication to empowering girl children. Between 2015-2017, we won three prestigious awards the British Council International School Award, the Brainfeed magazine award, and the Life Empowerment Awards for Schools by Impressions India!

Our students’ performance exceeds all expectations, with one student scoring a perfect CGPA, three students clearing IIT-JEE, others winning chess and athletic competitions, and 100+ students qualifying for MENSA!

We believe that children from less privileged communities deserve a high-quality education and resources rivaling the country’s most elite schools.

Our Mission:

  • To create aware and enlightened citizens
  • To  create global leaders of tomorrow
  • To broaden the social base of our professional and entrepreneurial class
  • To become a role model school for all other schools in the country

But, we need your help.

Our brilliant, hard-working and ambitious students need scholarships. These driven, empowered individuals seek to use their knowledge and ambition to create ripples of change in their communities and in India.

The cost of a single child’s education for a year, all expenses included, is Rs.42,500. However, any contribution, whether towards direct sponsorship of a single student or towards building a corpus, would make a world of difference. If you’d like to sponsor one of our incredible students, please get in touch with us at office@vidya-india.org.

Other Needs:

    1. Mentors for our innovative MiTR Program
    2. Volunteers for story telling, book reading, theatre, dance, music, arts and craft
    3. Updating our facilities and laboratories with computers etc
    4. Career Counsellors
    5. Trained medical health experts for periodic health and dental check ups
    6. Stationery, printer, photocopying machine,microphones etc
    7. Volunteer teachers
    8. Donors for specific requirements like nutrition, stationary,co curricular activities,scholarships etc
    9. Qualified subject experts in English, math,accountancy and the sciences

– ❦-

The VIDYA Story

You can visit the VIDYA School website here -> The VIDYA School, Gurgaon