I am Manisha, a resident of Katwaria Sarai and an erstwhile student of Bal Vihar VIDYA, School, Delhi. I am extremely fortunate that, due to the opportunity of studying in the school, I have acquired immense confidence and a deep desire to achieve success, in whichever field or avenue, that was laid before me.
During the five years, that I spent in VIDYA, my communication skills and my basic English expression, improved to a large extent. Due to this strong foundation, in the language, I am now geared towards a strong future, post my graduation and further education, as I feel that English language and confidence in its usage, certainly brings about positive results, in various spheres and career opportunities.
My school in Bal Vihar is more like a second home to me. I have always looked up to the teachers, for emotional, as well as academic support, at various junctures of my stint in Lal Bahadur Shastri School, post class 6. After I cleared class 12, I was pretty confused, as to which field, was the appropriate one for me, so that, my strong attributes, could be used in the best possible way. My teachers at the Bal Vihar school, Gayatri Ma’am and many of my teachers, advised me to take up languages, in my graduation level, as they felt, that I would shine in that field.
I would like to advise my juniors, to respect their elders and work hard towards a strong future. They should not buckle under pressure, from their parents or any other kind of pressure, as it would affect their performance in a serious way.
As a future dream, I would like to open a school, which would cater to the needs of students, who are facing financial issues, as I empathize with them and would like to help them shape their future.
If had a super power, then I would aspire towards making Delhi as safe place for women, as that would enable us to breathe in a free and safe space and we would be able to do a lot more in our professional fields as well.
I believe, that confidence takes you a long way and a friendly attitude towards anyone you approach, evokes a positive response, inevitably.

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