Our Vision

To be the fountainhead for empowering and transforming lives through education.

Our Mission

To optimize the potential of children, youth and women by providing holistic education through schools, collaborations and community programs.

Our Values

Excellence Every Day

We believe in going above and beyond what’s expected by taking ownership of the task and seeing it through till the end

People Matter
We believe in people and their power to create change

Act with integrity

We believe in doing the right thing under all circumstances

Think Forward

We strive to recognize and act on every opportunity for progress, self-improvement and inclusion. We need to use our power of anticipation to start creating a positive future which will transform lives.

Global citizenship

We believe we are citizens of the world, and everything we do is driven by a desire to see betterment for humanity

VIDYA’s History

VIDYA is a non-profit NGO. Over 35 years, we’ve impacted the lives of 4,00,000 people, more than half of which include girls and women. Founded in 1985 by Ms. Rashmi Misra, it began with her teaching a class of five girls in her home on the campus of IIT Delhi. Now, we have 78 projects and growing, spread across Delhi, Gurugram, Bangalore, Mumbai & Pune. We build capacity to surmount limitations, achieve goals and become leaders of social change. Our method is to address literacy as multifaceted– encompassing academics, vocations, mental and physical wellbeing, life skills, awareness to a fast-evolving global society, communication skills, and values. Our vision is to be the fountainhead for empowering and transforming lives through education. We dream of seeing an India where every child gets quality education, every youth an opportunity to succeed, and every woman achieves economic and social independence.

Our team of about 350 people includes local and foreign volunteers, teachers and staff and a large circle of committed friends, donors and well-wishers.

Sponsors span across India, the US and Europe, some providing constant support to us, and thousands of volunteers have worked with us over the years.

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