Stories of Change at VIDYA


I scored 95.25% in class 12th. After which I got admission in Lady Shri Ram College for Women for an English Hons. degree. This would not have been possible without the unconditional support I got from VIDYA in terms of guidance, finance, mentoring and skills. I am grateful to VIDYA for being an important pillar in my growth.


Pawan is from the 2021 batch of VIDYA School, Gurugram has qualified the JEE Mains last year, fulfilling the mission of VIDYA. He has always been academically motivated and meticulous in organizing his tasks. His dream was to be a part of the academic elite. The accomplishment has been the result of dedication, hard work and perseverance, spending hours in the school library, burning the mid-night oil.


“Sponsored by VIDYA, now a Beautician-Stylist and a mentor to many. Hard work, creativity and courage styled my career.”


One of our very talented alumni, Prabhat, who has been working as webmaster at VIDYA School, Gurugram has got an opportunity as Software Development Engineer at Maersk, Bangalore. He has always been hard working and focused student, pandemic gave a tough time to such bright students however, he utilised this time focusing on upgrading his skills to get such opportunity.

Pooran, Indian Army

I really appreciate the mentors of NIOS for the way they supported me. I thank you for all the wonderful help and support you have provided to me and wish you all the best for your future endeavors.


Due to the constant support from VIDYA, I have won the Kabbadi championship games conducted at Haryana in 2021. I also represented the state of Karnataka. Shivaji, Kabbadi state level coach, Sports Authority of India


Priyanka joined the youth forum and actively participated in every activity. During vacations, she volunteered at VIDYA for teaching students. She passed PGDMLT(Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Laboratory technology) with 60% and started working as a lab technician. She was also a scholarship beneficiary and her mother was a Beyond School teacher. She never gave up and strove to do well in the field of medicine. Priyanka Rajendra Jadhav- Phlebotomist, Vagad medical centre


If it wasn’t for VIDYA’s support and trust despite my below average academic performance, coming from a family that couldn’t help with parents restricted by health issues, I couldn’t be who I am today. Being taught to see life differently, I consider myself a better person today, with my grades much better. Chandan, Coach, Halley Sports Academy


“Being authentic, having a clear conscience and facing challenges with a smile makes a powerful person. I have come a long way, but still have a long way to go. Thanks to VIDYA for their unparalleled support in this journey.” Poonam -Beautician, Urban Clap


“Everyone must be familiar with the name ‘VIDYA’. But to me it’s not just a name, it’s a life which everyone wants to live again and again in every life, if possible.” Sagar -Assistant Team Leader, Cars24


I bagged the job offer from KPMG. In my 3rd year, I did my internship at Fidelity International, Gurugram. Currently I am in final year and will be sitting for more companies for campus placements. Vikram, Computer Science, NIT Kurukshetra


The future of India will be built through high-quality schooling, focused on individuals, communities and their aspirations. A single empowered individual can inspire and lead change in their own communities.

“I feel proud and lucky that I got my initial and primary Education form VIDYA Bal Vihar School. The school which I can’t forget in my life.
The study system and extra-curricular activities are very best for the students for their future prospects.
I studied till 5th class in VIDYA and then went to L.B.S sr. sec. school where I completed my further studies. I completed my graduation from Du. Sol in and from IGNOU.
Now currently I am working in Axis Bank as Assistant Manager .which is 3rd largest Pvt Bank in India. I am currently posted at Greater Noida West Branch.”


“I am an ex student of VIDYA Bal Vihar. I joined VIDYA in nursery class. My mother is a home maker and my father works as daily veg employee. My initial education journey had been very challenging as due to financial constraints but looking at my eagerness to study school exempted the fees and even sponsored my music course at Bhatkhande Sangeet Vidyalaya where I have cleared Madhyama that is five year course with first division.
After graduating from 5th standard from VIDYA I joined Gargi Sarvodya Kanya Vidyalaya, Green Park. I cleared my 12th with 86%. Then I opted my further study in Institute of Home Economics, doing B.Sc. home science and today finally, I’ve completed my graduation with first division.”


As a middle-class student VIDYA scholarship means to me a lot, it gave me a new opportunity to continue my education journey, which was most important to see my career growth. As a single parent-child, it was difficult for me to continue my education in the circumstances of financial problems, mother’s health upset so on… During those days VIDYA recognized me, identified my hidden potentials which never I realized, and showed me a new path to continue my studies. Because of this recognition, I achieved a lot which I never imagined about me in this high position, because of VIDYA now I’m in a good position and supporting my family. VIDYA not only gave me education it taught me discipline, communication skills, but it also seeded self-confidence within me, it molded me in every way…I’m so thankful for the VIDYA family.

Continuous motivation every single day which the VIDYA family gave, triggered me a lot to achieve something else. It made to stand out of the crowd. Everything I learned from VIDYA tried to apply in my situations and not fully but I attempted and I achieved some things. Which made others take me as inspiration, when many talk about this the first thing that comes to my mind is VIDYA’s support and my family. I have many things still to achieve I hope which and all I learned in VIDYA will help me in my future circumstances.

Komal Yadav

My name is Komal Yadav and I completed my schooling from Vidya School, Gurugram in the year 2018 from Science (PCM) stream. Currently, I’m a third year student pursuing B.Sc.(Hons.) Computer Science from Indraprastha College for Women, University of Delhi. Vidya has been more than just a school for me. Vidya has actually made me. Vidya has shaped me. VIDYA has nurtured, cultivated and processed the good in me to be my best, to achieve all that was a part of impossibility and uncertainty. Vidya has taught us to never quit and to always grab the opportunities to make the most out of them. Therefore, I have always been very participative in my college. I am the class representative of my batch in college since 2018 and have also been a position holder in the department union. I’ve have been a member of various college societies as well ranging from Women Development Cell to quiz society, poetry & elocution club, etc. Besides this, I’ve also been the Internship Coordinator in the Career Guidance and Placement Cell of my college. Fortunately, this year I’m also selected as the Internship Head of my college. In addition to that, I’m also selected in the Millenium Fellowship under the United Nations Academic Impact through which I’m addressing SDG-3 i.e. Good Health and Well-being. As a Millenium Fellow, I’m working on the menstrual health & hygiene and trying to break the taboos that have ceaselessly inculcated shame and embarrassment surrounding periods. I do not accept the things I cannot change. Rather, I change the things I cannot accept. With time, I’ve grown up to be more confident, considerate and compassionate to give back to society in every minute way possible. There has been a growth internally & intellectually as well and I think this journey of these many years has undoubtedly given me a lot to relish, to remember and to reinvent in order to build a bigger, better and brighter future. Last but not the least, Vidya has made me believe, dreams do come true, as long as one is determined to dream and to put in the best of their efforts and I promise to continue doing the same.

Shivani Yadav

My name is Shivani Yadav. I am an undergraduate student from Delhi university in Sri Aurobindo college. I m alumina of Vidya school gurgaon, ‘The VIDYA’ is a not for profit organisation working for the education, empowerment and transformation of less privileged children, youth and women through micro level intervention.I had joined vidya in 2nd standard , when I was even not able speak properly in the crowd. I was very shy and afraid of meeting new people. When I got admission I was feeling very happy that I got the opportunity to study been coming from underprivileged family. As years passed I saw the development of myself. I became confident, ready to face challenges, started speaking fluent English, and not only did Vidya help me only but my family also by giving my mother jobs opportunities in school canteen. Our chairperson in like STARSHINE always saying vidya is not a school It is a FAMILY. After passing out the school they never made us feel alone and helped us by taking care of our financial needs (providing fees of college) or mental needs (helped to make future goals). Even now I just have to drop a message of I am in problem and every teacher helps me out. As there is always contribution of every family member to the family.I will also pack back.I will one day make you all proud one day my the strength, voice, spark, shine, faithfulness, and most important knowledge that is provided by you all.

Anmol Mehra

I, Anmol Mehra located in Gurugram, recently hired by Cactus Global as a Software Engineer.

Remembering my initial days, I took lockdown as an opportunity, I gave time to myself, invested it in studies, helped my family and explored different phases of my career.

Eventually, I decided to do a year-long residential software programming course and went to Navgurukul, Himachal Pradesh during Lockdown.

Navgurukul, a meaningful alternative to college education, trains youth from humble backgrounds for free awarded Certificate in software Programming.

I learnt programming languages, frameworks, tools along with swimming, cooking, laptop/fan/ladder repairing, wi-fi router management. As per rules, we need to take and deliver a number of classes/activities for making bonds and decorum in the campus. I did handle the academics of junior students, mentored them with a cascade of communication skills. 

I was the Food and Kitchen coordinator looking after the groceries and hygiene in the kitchen. 

Living in the mountains, trekking became my hobby. I spent my spare time packing bags, picking up the tent and exploring the mountains. 

In a nutshell, NavGurukul gave me an equation of hard work and life. 

Anjali Prajapati, who always works with me in a team since childhood and school, be it the communication skills, presenting ourselves or our studies and these were the things that really made it easy when I was sitting for my interview. I didn’t realise I got the highest package in NavGurukul as a fresher.

After going through the interview process, I am hired as a Software Engineer with 5LPA salary along with a 50k joining bonus.The company also reimburses for Wifi, technical accessories and work from home office essentials. Working with Cactus is a feeling of cherishment. Everyday, there is something new I put my hands on and work towards that. 

Cactus Global ( is a company founded by Mr. Abhishek Goel. They offer AI-powered scholarly publishing solutions to academic publishers and collaborate with researchers across academic disciplines and their headquarters is in Mumbai and offices in US, UK, China, Korea, Denmark, Singapore etc. 

I am grateful to my school, Vidya for giving me lessons for life, and the life changing mentor teachers who believed in me in my worst and supported me and my family in every way possible. I learnt the power of starting small by taking baby steps in school itself.

My nerves lie in my laptop. I aspire to work on developing skills to build websites and efficient coding skills. 


One of our very talented alumni, Prabhat, who has been working as webmaster at VIDYA School, Gurugram has got an opportunity as Software Development Engineer at Maersk, Bangalore. He has always been hard working and focused student, pandemic gave a tough time to such bright students however, he utilised this time focusing on upgrading his skills to get such opportunity.


Devaraj, the topper in Engg stream from the VIDYA scholarship program is one of the most hardworking, bright and enterprising students who has proved that nothing can stop you if you are determined to reach the goal.

After securing the top scores in Puc board exams and CET, Devaraj easily managed to get into the merit list at the premier institution, Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology And Management to study mechanical engineering.

From the first year till the last semester Devaraj has been consistently keeping the top CGPA score and in the final semester, he has scored a CGPA of 9.25.

While attending the VIDYA classes, Devaraj has also submitted technical papers through his department along with his friend Ram which shows their capability and their efficient technical abilities. Devaraj has been hired as an Application Development Associate in Accenture.

Anjali Singh

Anjali Singh is currently persuing her PCMB in VIDYA school. Though she likes mathematics but biology is her favourite subject. Her dream is to become a cardio surgeon. Being a MENSA scholar she got the opportunity to see big dreams and giving wings to them. She is very much thankful to VIDYA and MENSA for supporting her to accomplish her dreams and to fly higher and higher. Everyone guides and encourages her to work harder. She gave the MENSA Entrance test when she was in class ‘6’ studying in a government school based at Chakkarpur, Gurgaon. When she was in class ‘7’ she get to know that she has successfully cleared her MENSA entrance test and MENSA had decided to transfer her in VIDYA school. She was excited and happy unaware of the fact that she would face language barrier at school. Her english was not so strong when she was studying in her previous school as it was a hindi medium school. Than in class ‘8’ she got admission in VIDYA but at the initial stage she faced a lot of language problem but later on with the help of her class teacher she has improved and now her fluency in english is excellent. She scored 95% in class ‘X’ board examination, and had become the school topper. VIDYA had given her the platform to express her ideas and thoughts confidently. VIDYA has all the facilities whether it is computer lab, robotic lab, dance, music, sports etc which was not there in her earlier school. VIDYA had given her the platform to express her ideas and thoughts confidently. She is very much thankful to VIDYA and MENSA for assisting her throughout in her studies and giving her the opportunity to be a part of VIDYA school. 

Anjali Prajapati

Anjali a student of Banasthali Vidyapith, studying BSC in mathematics. A girl who is crazy about mathematics and enjoys solving problems and accepting challenges. “MENSA SCHOLARSHIP” It changed my LIFE and made me believes that dreams can come true if you are ready to work hard for it. Coming from a Village where girls are meant to be married and a burden to their parents, I am here standing strong to dive deep into mathematics and become a mathematics educator, all because of the support of Indigo-Mensa Scholarship. After my Mensa scholarship, I got a chance to push myself to step out of the box. I had mentors supporting me for each and everything right from my studies to my mental health to my needs like internet connection, laptops, books etc. Not only did I get exposure to work on my understanding of subjects but on my personality too. I was brought into the world of books and anime. I was aided in my studies. Challenging the mind became a habit there in the form of riddles, games, activities etc. I also overcame my fear and started expressing my views and being able to make bold decisions like “questioning why” to unjust people. To my surprise, things even changed a little bit at my village. My parents belong to a village where girls aren’t allowed to step out their homes alone but they always believed in me, and Mensa contributed a huge part to it making their trust more stronger with my every step towards achievement, I am the role model there and my uncle exclaimed, “Anjali, I will teach my daughter like you.” It was a milestone for me because I know I could only make these little changes in my surroundings to get towards the larger goal and support more girls. I am highly obliged to Mensa and Vidya school for giving me a dream life, I will continue to work harder and pass it on.

Anjali Mehra

I am Anjali Mehra. I had been fortunate enough to study at Vidya from 7th standard to 10th std. Vidya has given me lot more than academic knowledge. It has played a major role in shaping my thought process. At the most fundamental level, it helped me to recognise what I am good at. It encouraged me to work harder and not be afraid to dream bigger. The teachers have always looked forward to helping the students in every possible way. By building up a strong foundation of the subjects in academics – they have truly helped me to understand and do progressively well in various domains of life. Their compassion and generosity is comparable to none. Currently I am preparing for civil services examination. I did my graduation in B.Sc. Life sciences from Maitreyi College, Delhi University. While in college worked with some of the NGOs with an objective of giving back to the society. Working with – Baal Kalakaar by AIISEC; Umeed – a drop of hope, Leaders for tomorrow was very fulfilling. | also interned with an event management company to organize their annual event. One of the events I was associated with-held at the Hungarian Embassy campus was appreciated for its decoration. It was decorated using waste materials. The curricular activities at Vidya such as the house responsibilities, art and craft work, assembly duties, annual day events really helped me a lot in tapping into my potential. In school we do learn to balance both studies and the curricular activities. This habit enabled me to score well (14 division) in my college along with me being involved in several curricular activities. Post the College, I joined a Human Resources based company. Though it was a totally different stream but I was able to blend in well and also perform well because of the adaptability values inculcated in us as a student. They appreciated the team spirit and analytical skills I had despite a different stream. I really think this has a lot to do with how ready you are to take up the challenges with a positive attitude and a good team spirit. Here, I would like to share an anecdote. Back in 2010, our school was planning to do a play – DARE TO DREAM. For the first time, we were doing something on a very large scale as a school. Majority of the props and decorations material was being made by all of us. We all, the teachers and the students worked together and completed the tasks joyfully. That play was a huge success. This entire plot really engraved in me the spirit of team work and its importance. This somehow was visible at my work place as well. Later in 2019, I was fortunate to attend an event which was held before the UNCCD’s 19th Conference of Parties at Noida. Mrs. Amina J. Mohhamed, the current deputy secretary general of the UN spoke about the land desertification concerns there. It was truly an enriching experience. Concluding this, I would really like to thank the board members, each and every teacher who has been associated with Vidya. It is because of them we, the students have been able to truly fly higher and dream bigger. Forever grateful.

Sanjana Nagar

They say “pigs can’t fly”. Sky is not for them. This one pig dared to challenge their notions and prove them wrong. Life has thrown obstacles in my way almost every day in the form of socio-economic conditions, dysfunctional family, and chronic headaches and mental illness. Yet, I have grown up into a confident adult studying at one of the best institution in the country. ‘LSR’ didn’t happen to me overnight. It was a reward which I received after toiling hard every day and night. I lived my dream to study in ‘LSR’ throughout my senior years at school. Despite hailing from an underprivileged background, I was able to achieve milestones because of the support of VIDYA. It has played as an important pillar in my overall foundational growth and pushed me to strive for self-reliance, resilience and imbibe an insatiable hunger to learn and change the society. Alongside my academics, I juggle with various responsibilities like Global Volunteer intern at AIESEC, President of Vishalakshi Foundation, LSR and Sub- Editor of The College Magazine, LSR. I am also the Class Representative as well as the Department Representative at Placement Cell of my college. I also received scholarship from the College in my first year itself. My transformational journey was also featured on NDTV. There were hundred things wrong in life. Nevertheless, I persevered to grow. I have dreams to live. I have responsibilities to fulfil. I have goals to accomplish and I’m going to do this on my own. I believe that I CAN and I WILL.

Nisha Gupta

Nisha Gupta joined VIDYA, Bal Vihar primary school, New Delhi in Nursery, her father is a vegetable vendor and her mother is homemaker. She is one of two sisters and has one brother. Right from the beginning, Nisha had a passion to study and she always stood first in class. Her elder sister has, with the help from Bal Vihar, got admission to Manav Bharti School. Nisha’s father wanted her to study in a public school as well. He filled the form of Saint Anthony School and Nisha was called there for a written test. There were 16 other children from various public schools of Delhi who wanted to get admitted in standard V, but the school only had five seats. Nisha scored so well on the test that the school authorities preferred her and admitted her immediately. For a child of a vegetable vendor – to reach that level is truly an achievement.  She has completed her 12th std. in commerce stream with 98% marks. She wants to get her graduation in Economic Honors from Delhi University.

Words from Nisha Gupta – 

My greetings to each and every member of the VIDYA Family.

I am Nisha Gupta, an ex- student of VIDYA. With great pleasure, I would like to tell everyone that I recently cleared my 12th board examinations with an overall percentage of 98% securing the first position in my school, St Anthony’s Sr Secondary School!

After completing my 4th standard from VIDYA, I joined St Anthony’s School. My father is a vendor and mother, a homemaker. I have an elder sister who too is an Ex-Vidya student. 

In this revolutionised era, where everything seems to be turned into a profit-making business, institutions like VIDYA keep up my faith in humanity and charity. 

The selfless devotion of each and every member towards their work motivates the children like me to make the best of the opportunities given. 

I’m willing to pursue Economic Hons from Delhi University and I’m sure with constant support and guidance from my teachers and parents, I’ll definitely be able to achieve my goal. 

I would like to sincerely thank my teachers and parents for their immense support in this journey. 



I am Manisha, a resident of Katwaria Sarai and an erstwhile student of Bal Vihar VIDYA, School, Delhi. I am extremely fortunate that, due to the opportunity of studying in the school, I have acquired immense confidence and a deep desire to achieve success, in whichever field or avenue, that was laid before me.
During the five years, that I spent in VIDYA, my communication skills and my basic English expression, improved to a large extent. Due to this strong foundation, in the language, I am now geared towards a strong future, post my graduation and further education, as I feel that English language and confidence in its usage, certainly brings about positive results, in various spheres and career opportunities.
My school in Bal Vihar is more like a second home to me. I have always looked up to the teachers, for emotional, as well as academic support, at various junctures of my stint in Lal Bahadur Shastri School, post class 6. After I cleared class 12, I was pretty confused, as to which field, was the appropriate one for me, so that, my strong attributes, could be used in the best possible way. My teachers at the Bal Vihar school, Gayatri Ma’am and many of my teachers, advised me to take up languages, in my graduation level, as they felt, that I would shine in that field.
I would like to advise my juniors, to respect their elders and work hard towards a strong future. They should not buckle under pressure, from their parents or any other kind of pressure, as it would affect their performance in a serious way.
As a future dream, I would like to open a school, which would cater to the needs of students, who are facing financial issues, as I empathize with them and would like to help them shape their future.
If had a super power, then I would aspire towards making Delhi as safe place for women, as that would enable us to breathe in a free and safe space and we would be able to do a lot more in our professional fields as well.
I believe, that confidence takes you a long way and a friendly attitude towards anyone you approach, evokes a positive response, inevitably.


Yatika an ambitious and raring to go erstwhile student of Bal Vihar VIDYA, has dreams in her eyes and feels that her present proficiency in English is her biggest strength. She attributes her success to the continued efforts of the teachers at Bal Vihar, especially Charu Maam, who encouraged her to keep improving on her English, whether speaking abilities or her language skills.

Despite the fact that she came from a humble background, her father being a driver and mother a housewife, she never gave up on her dreams. She kept working hard tirelessly and now after completing English honours, she has an interesting career option of pursuing criminal psychology, at a later stage.
When she looks back at her early days in school, though she studied for a short period of 2 years, at VIDYA, she feels proud of the kind of values she imbibed from the school. The staff taught her the importance of humility and how it could take her a long way in her life. When she joined a senior school, after completing her stint in VIDYA, there she saw that some kids used to show off their money and expensive items, but she stuck to her roots and felt proud of the fact that she remained grounded, despite getting tempted by her peer group.

All through her years in school, she has always maintained this humility and prides in this fact that she has a high-value system, and due to this, she respects everyone who comes in contact with her.
She would like to pass on a message to her juniors that they should cherish the time, that they spend in VIDYA and try to learn to the best of their capabilities.

She feels that if she gets a super power, then she would certainly want to eradicate gender discrimination and poverty completely. She has a never say die attitude, and feels that one should never give up on their dreams. She has complete confidence on her abilities and wants to fulfill her dreams, to the best of her capacity.


Mamta an aspiring fashion designer and a former student of Bal Vihar VIDYA, attributes all her instant success and achievements, to her formative years, of the initial years in the school. She is presently a BSc Home Science Student of Institute of Home Economics Delhi.

A resident of Delhi, Mamta acquired admission to the school at Bal Vihar, in nursery class and life took a positive turn for her in many ways. She learned with enthusiasm whatever that was taught to her. After her stint in the school, despite the fact that she was only ten years old at that time, she was very confident, in relation to her subject knowledge and knew that she will try to perform to the best of her capability, academically. She joined the Gargi Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya and continued her education over there till class 12. She constantly missed her teachers in Bal Vihar, but gradually adjusted to the new environment.

Presently after her graduation, she has a host of opportunities, such as becoming a child psychologist, journalist, dietician or a fashion designer, after she completes her graduation. She has her eyes set on becoming a fashion designer, if she gets the right financial help, at a later stage.

When she was a young girl, a phase of struggle came her way, when she had to fund her own studies by taking tuitions and she is proud of the fact, that she could sail through that phase with ease. Due to the constant support of the staff at Bal Vihar she egged on to reach where she has reached now. The Up to learn how to sing, is cherished by her, as she enjoys singing thoroughly. VIDYA had made it possible as she was admitted to Sangeet Vidyalaya, nearby to understand the intricacies of singing and was trained for it.

Manta would like to give a message to her juniors that they should be determined, to achieve whatever they want in their lives, as she strongly believes that where there is a will, there is a way.

She also feels that if she had a super power, then she would certainly want to change the thought process, among the people, which supports gender discrimination. As she feels that every girl is super power in her own right.

As a closing statement, she would like to add, that each person should dream big, as it is these dreams that help you to achieve impossible things in life.


A fighter and a proud survivor, I am Magica, an erstwhile student of Bal Vihar VIDYA. I have seen life at close quarters, from a very young age, as I lost my father, when I was a baby and I saw my mother struggling hard, to convince our elders, that she had this heartfelt desire to educate her children and give them a strong future. I have always staunchly supported my mother and have made it a point to be excellent in my academics and study with a zealous attitude, all through.

My years in Bal Vihar VIDYA, have been my formative years, not only in my academics, but those years shaped and nurtured my personality in a way, that now my strong optimism and never say die attitude, had taken a permanent shape, in every sphere or endeavor, I wish to pursue in my future. The values I got, from my teachers, are invaluable. When I started studying in Lal Bahadur Shastri School, Delhi, I realized, as to how different I was from my peers over there, as they weren’t very respectful towards their elders and they didn’t have my value system, of which I am very proud of.

I have scored an impressive 91.5% in my class 12 exams and presently I am studying in Aurobindo college, B.Com, for my graduation. My academic success, is due to my positive attitude and I feel that one should strive to be focused and work hard to achieve what they want to, without getting distracted, by what opinions others have of you. Self confidence, alone takes you a long way.

I would like to open a school for the students, who have financial issues, as a future plan, as I feel that many of my friends gave up on education, due to financial constraints.

If I had a super power, then I would like to eradicate the caste system and try to change the mindset of people towards the girl child’s education.

I strongly believe in the quote, ”If you are anxious, then you are living in the future, if you are depressed, then you are living in the past, if you are at peace, then you are living in the present.”


VIDYA Means education. I feel proud and lucky that I got my initial and primary Education form Vidya Bal Vihar school. The school which I can’t forget in my life.

The study system and extra-curricular activities are very best for the students for their future prospects.

I studied till 5th class in Vidya and than go to L.B.S Sr. Sec . School where I completed my further studies. I completed my graduation from Du. Sol in and from IGNOU.

Now currently I am working in Axis Bank  as Assistant Manager .which is 3rd largest Pvt Bank in India. I currently posted  at Greater Noida West Branch and I’m currently living in the same area for last 3 years.

Sagar Tiwari

‘Vidya’ all of you guys are familiar with this name. But it’s not just a name it’s a life which everyone wanted to live again and again in every life if possible.

Hey.. I am Sagar Tiwari, who is nothing without VIDYA yeah seriously..! 

I don’t know from where to start… Like Life doesn’t always go the way we want it. Until and unless if we don’t have a proper guidance. Apart from that vidya also provided me a strong base which helps me a lot in building my career.

After passing out from vidya, I joined LBS school for further studies. They not only helped me in getting the admission but also supported me in all financial and non-financial ways… After 12thfor Bachelor degree I got admission in GGSIPU and I resigned from cars24 as Assistant team leader post for preparing of my MBA in Finance and Competitive exams


Atul completed his primary education from Bal in 2006. He is a physically handicap child. After 5th std. school helped him to get admission in Akshya Partishthan, so that there is no discontinuation in his education. School financially supported the education of this child in the school till 2009 (8th std.) as Akshya Partishthan is until middle school only. After 8th std. he was admitted to Govt. Boys Senior Sec. School for higher education. School continued supporting the education of the child financially. Not only this, school has been helping Atul to get caliper and special shoes required to support his feet. With regular guidance and support Atul has now completed his schooling successfully and joined Pol. Science (Hon.) at Dayal Singh School. He is now working in Lab advisor Health Care as a Lab Advisor Assistant.


Pinderjeet son of Mr. Jasbeer Singh who works in a water cooler department at IIT Delhi.  Pinderjeet joined Vidya Bal Vihar in nursery standard in 2000.  He successfully completed his 5th standard in 2007 and with the guidance from Bal Vihar got admission in public School (J.D. Tytler) in Delhi.  In 2014 Pinderjeet successfully completed his 12th standard and joined Hotel Management course of 2 years in Delhi.  His sincerity and hard work paid him and is selected for internship in Dubai from the campus only. Now he has settled in Dubai and working in a reputed  Hotel.

Kiran Bhandari

Myself, Kiran Bhandari, I would like to share my experience of vidya. Vidya school gave me very precious memories of my life which I cherish for lifetime. The teachers, staffs, children all were very good. The sad part was leaving the school after qualifying 5th standard. I remembered, I was very sad at the time of farewell 😟But the life must go on. After 5th I got admission in Gargi school and rest of the journey of my school was completed there. After completing 12th class I took admission in Delhi university and completed my graduation. Today I am working as a Team leader in Tata Motors . I am very grateful to Vidya school for giving me the best experience of the life


Geetanjali joined VIDYA 18 years ago as a supervisor in Sainik Farms. From there she was promoted to a teacher in Munirka, following which she was transferred to Gurgaon. She is a very valuable member of our team who has risen through sheer hardwork and dedication towards VIDYA.

Tumpa Manna

Tumpa Manna is a mother of two children. She has a passion for a cooking and stitching. Tumpa has been cycling to the centre everyday since 2018, when she joined the Adhaar course. After Adhaar, she joined Silai basic and progressed to Advanced Silai. Today, she makes silk thread jewellery on order and stitches tops and suits.


Mehrunissa has six children. To make ends meet, she decided to learn how to stitch. A quick learner, she has mastered the art of tailoring. Hard-working and dedicated, she travels to the centre every day from Delhi by bus.


Meena joined us in 2018 to learn crotchet and stitching. The money she now earns from stitching shirts and blouses on order help her take care of her three children, while supplementing her husband’s income. Since joining VIDYA, she has transformed from a shy housewife into a confident woman