Go, where you feel most alive! We Fight As One! Any violence is against the law. It's time to speak up, VIDYA helpline number 8130474724 (call/what's app) Invest in Life VIDYA is Fighting COVID-19 VIDYA has earned the communties' trust across 78 projects across India over 34 years. Support our program to assist those affected by the COVID-19 lockdown. Support Our Initiative Our Success Stories The achievements of the children, youth and women we serve, in their own words. View Now Our Students Need Sponsors! There are still 325 brilliant, hard-working and ambitious students who need scholarships this year. These driven, empowered individuals seek to use their knowledge and ambition to create ripples of change in their communities and in India. I'd Like to Help
We're VIDYA. Here's What We Do.

An excommunicated widow who is now a successful business owner. A dropout youth who became a high scorer and a proud graduate. A 9-year old girl who persuaded her abusive, alcoholic father to go into rehab. A girl in our eighth grade class who dreams of going back to her home town and changing it from the ground up. A 10th standard girl who scored a perfect 10.0 CGPA.

VIDYA makes stories like this happen. We're a 35-year old NGO based in India that believes in social change through empowering the most vulnerable members of underprivileged communities: the children, youth and women. We create peerless programs with our approach of holistic, practical education and vocational training. Join us, donate or just spread the word.

Educate. Empower. Transform.

Even small contributions create large impacts

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