• TATA Mumbai Marathon 2018

    The inspiring Paulami Patel joined us this year for the TATA Mumbai Marathon 2018!

  • VIDYA Bangalore Utsav – “Avesha”

    Get tickets now for our ustav celebration with Sharon Prabhakar, cultural programs, a panel discussion and a lovely dinner, on 7th Feb 2018!

  • Our Success Stories

    The achievements of the children, youth and women we serve, in their own words.

  • VIDYA Utsav 2017

    On 9th December, we celebrated the joy of learning with VIDYA Utsav, at IIT!

  • Mentors for a new India

    An innovative, game-changing program by VIDYA that will enable our students to reach for the stars!

  • My Voice, My Verse

    This is VIDYA's first published work! Buy a copy of our book of poems written and illustrated by VIDYA students as young as seven!

  • Annual Report

    VIDYA has made our first interactive, digital annual report, for the year 2016-2017!

We're VIDYA. Here's What We Do.

An excommunicated widow who is now a successful business owner. A dropout youth who became a high scorer and a proud graduate. A 9-year old girl who persuaded her abusive, alcoholic father to go into rehab. A girl in our eighth grade class who dreams of going back to her home town and changing it from the ground up. A 10th standard girl who scored a perfect 10.0 CGPA.

VIDYA makes stories like this happen. We're a 33-year old NGO based in India that believes in social change through empowering the most vulnerable members of underprivileged communities: the women, youth, and children. We create peerless programs with our approach of holistic, practical education and vocational training. Join us, donate or just spread the word.

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People Over 33 years

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