The VIDYA “Knowledge Series” Webinar started on May 8th 2020, and our first guest was Prof. Mudalgya, one of the heads of the famous Aakash Low Cost Computing project. Our webinar is a weekly program, every Friday at 4PM, that will cover all kinds of topics related to learning, education, empowerment and wellness. It was especially designed to help people, including VIDYA ourselves, adapt and find opportunities to thrive during these tough times caused by the COVID-19 crisis.

Past Episodes 📺

Episode 1: Spoken Tutorials, With Professor Moudgalya, IIT Bombay

Episode 2: Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, with Manish Pole, Total Yoga

Episode 3: Creating a Re-inventing Mindset in Leaders, with Johncey George

Episode 4: Dance And Its Possibilities in Education, with Padmashri Geeta Chandran

Episode 5: “Reach Out, You’re Not Alone!”, a skill-building session on dealing with domestic violence, featuring Bembala Foundation

Episode 6: Mr. Narayana Murthy in Candid Conversation with VIDYA | How Do We Build A Successful and Respected India?

Episode 7: Sonam Kalra, From Spirituality to Humanity | A Fundraising Concert for VIDYA

Episode 8: Your Body Listens to What Your Mind Says | Dr. Ushy Mohan Das

Episode 9: Sri M: “The Teacher and the Taught”, with Shrikrishna Kulkarni

Episode 10: Bounce Back to the New Normal | Dr.Rajendra Barve 

Episode 11: Renowned Thespian Dr.Faisal Alkazi

Episode 12: Off the Beaten Track | Online Concert with the Chronic Blues Circus

Episode 13: Dr.Vineet Joshi, Director-General of NTA and ex-Chairman of CBSE | The NEP, NTA, Exams, Skills & Practical Holistic Education

Episode 14: Real-life, Battle-Tested Leadership | General V. N. Sharma, ex- Indian Army Chief

Episode 15: Unraveling the NEP Together | A Practical Session for Parents, Educators and Students | VIDYA India

Episode 16: Dream Big, Drive Change | An In-depth Conversation with the Woman behind VIDYA

Episode 17: Dream Big, Drive Change | An In-depth Conversation with the Woman behind VIDYA

Episode 18: The Head, Heart and Hand of Inclusive Education || With Ms. Vinita Bali and Dr. Meenakshi Gopinath

Episode 19: The WISE Way to Teach and Learn | With Mubeen Masudi

Episode Episode 20: Solving Real-Life Problems Using Robotics – Prof. Kavi Arya, IIT Bombay

Episode 21: In Conversation with Dr. Kiran Bedi: FIGHT THE ODDS. BE THE CHANGE

Episode 22: Rebuilding the Hydro Power Plant in 32 days after the Glacier Burst with Lt. Gen (Retd.) Ravi Chadha

Episode 23: The Five Pillars of Health by Lalit M. Kapoor, Health and Nutrition Coach

Episode 24: The WISE Way to Teach and Learn | With Mubeen Masudi

Episode 25: Tushar Gandhi | Celebrating India in 2021 and Looking Ahead

Episode 26: RAAHAT – A Fundraiser Concert featuring the Legendary USHA UTHUP

Episode 27: Mindful Living by Dr. Akhila Joshi

Episode 28: Tryst with Destiny on Everest with Ms. Sangeeta S Bahl Everester & Entrepreneur

Episode 29: The Legacy of Indian Hockey with Ashok Dhyan Chand

Episode 30: Celebrating the Superheroes of VIDYA – Our Teachers

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