I am Anjali Mehra. I had been fortunate enough to study at Vidya from 7th standard to 10th std. Vidya has given me lot more than academic knowledge. It has played a major role in shaping my thought process. At the most fundamental level, it helped me to recognise what I am good at. It encouraged me to work harder and not be afraid to dream bigger. The teachers have always looked forward to helping the students in every possible way. By building up a strong foundation of the subjects in academics – they have truly helped me to understand and do progressively well in various domains of life. Their compassion and generosity is comparable to none. Currently I am preparing for civil services examination. I did my graduation in B.Sc. Life sciences from Maitreyi College, Delhi University. While in college worked with some of the NGOs with an objective of giving back to the society. Working with – Baal Kalakaar by AIISEC; Umeed – a drop of hope, Leaders for tomorrow was very fulfilling. | also interned with an event management company to organize their annual event. One of the events I was associated with-held at the Hungarian Embassy campus was appreciated for its decoration. It was decorated using waste materials. The curricular activities at Vidya such as the house responsibilities, art and craft work, assembly duties, annual day events really helped me a lot in tapping into my potential. In school we do learn to balance both studies and the curricular activities. This habit enabled me to score well (14 division) in my college along with me being involved in several curricular activities. Post the College, I joined a Human Resources based company. Though it was a totally different stream but I was able to blend in well and also perform well because of the adaptability values inculcated in us as a student. They appreciated the team spirit and analytical skills I had despite a different stream. I really think this has a lot to do with how ready you are to take up the challenges with a positive attitude and a good team spirit. Here, I would like to share an anecdote. Back in 2010, our school was planning to do a play – DARE TO DREAM. For the first time, we were doing something on a very large scale as a school. Majority of the props and decorations material was being made by all of us. We all, the teachers and the students worked together and completed the tasks joyfully. That play was a huge success. This entire plot really engraved in me the spirit of team work and its importance. This somehow was visible at my work place as well. Later in 2019, I was fortunate to attend an event which was held before the UNCCD’s 19th Conference of Parties at Noida. Mrs. Amina J. Mohhamed, the current deputy secretary general of the UN spoke about the land desertification concerns there. It was truly an enriching experience. Concluding this, I would really like to thank the board members, each and every teacher who has been associated with Vidya. It is because of them we, the students have been able to truly fly higher and dream bigger. Forever grateful.

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