Anjali a student of Banasthali Vidyapith, studying BSC in mathematics. A girl who is crazy about mathematics and enjoys solving problems and accepting challenges. “MENSA SCHOLARSHIP” It changed my LIFE and made me believes that dreams can come true if you are ready to work hard for it. Coming from a Village where girls are meant to be married and a burden to their parents, I am here standing strong to dive deep into mathematics and become a mathematics educator, all because of the support of Indigo-Mensa Scholarship. After my Mensa scholarship, I got a chance to push myself to step out of the box. I had mentors supporting me for each and everything right from my studies to my mental health to my needs like internet connection, laptops, books etc. Not only did I get exposure to work on my understanding of subjects but on my personality too. I was brought into the world of books and anime. I was aided in my studies. Challenging the mind became a habit there in the form of riddles, games, activities etc. I also overcame my fear and started expressing my views and being able to make bold decisions like “questioning why” to unjust people. To my surprise, things even changed a little bit at my village. My parents belong to a village where girls aren’t allowed to step out their homes alone but they always believed in me, and Mensa contributed a huge part to it making their trust more stronger with my every step towards achievement, I am the role model there and my uncle exclaimed, “Anjali, I will teach my daughter like you.” It was a milestone for me because I know I could only make these little changes in my surroundings to get towards the larger goal and support more girls. I am highly obliged to Mensa and Vidya school for giving me a dream life, I will continue to work harder and pass it on.

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