The six-day Tasveeri Chashmein workshop at Vidya was held from 3rd to 10th April, in partnership with Comet Media Foundation.
It’s a wonderful blogging workshop, where they also teach a bit of photography. The kids made good use of the two free days they got– taking pictures and researching topics.

The students formed three groups, and wrote a couple of great blog posts along with pictures.
Do visit their blog pages!

Group 1: Tasty secret recipes



​Jyoti, Pratik, Ranjeet, Sujeet, Gaurav, Jaya, Aditi

This has five blog entries, each dedicated to a recipe, two in Hindi and three in English.
Their blog:

Group 2: Beauty secrets in your kitchen

​Aakash, Savita, Ramesh, Sonal, Umesh, Kusum, Vikas

This has five blog entries: an introduction and four posts dedicated to recipes.
The link to their blog:

Group 3: Unknown Mumbai

​Ajay, Dipesh, Megha, Vaishali, Ashwini, Yash, Avinash

Unknown Mumbai is a single extended piece about undiscovered and unknown spots in Mumbai.
The link to their blog: