Vidya & MCD Schools

About Public Private Partnership - VIDYA & MCD

In April 2016, Municipal Corporation of Delhi, Education Alliance, and VIDYA signed a Private Public Partnership which enabled VIDYA to run the MCD primary school, located at the Police Training Station, under the School Quality Enhancement Program (SQEP). 

While the infrastructure and mid-day meal is given by the MCD, the expense of books, the honorarium of the teachers, teaching aids, curriculum, and day-to-day functioning is being borne by VIDYA. 

Started with just 18 students (classes Nursery, 1st and 2nd), VIDYA’s team reached out to more children in the nearby catchment areas such as Begampur, Lado Sarai, Katwaria Saria, Munirka Phase 1 and 2 and managed to enroll over 100 students in just three months.

Observing the significant increase in the enrollment number, the MCD allowed VIDYA to manage two more primary schools from April 2017. Currently, VIDYA is managing three government schools (200+ students in each school) namely PTS, Hauz Khas, and Sarvpriya Vihar, with the motive of integrating more underprivileged children into the formal education system. 

The main focus of this program is to improve the quality of primary education imparted in the school by making it more experiential and joyful for the students.

Structure of the PPP Model

VIDYA Providing Holistic Education in MCD Schools

  • Activity driven English- medium curriculum for all students.
  • Providing pictorial books and teaching material to make learning fun for students
  • Providing Digital Literacy Education to Class 3,4 and 5
Beyond Academics 
  • Teaching through creative pedagogies like story-telling, poetry, theatre, and fine arts.
  • Providing life skill & social skills training through combined morning assemblies
  • Organizing exposure trips, excursions, and festival celebrations for students to imbibe confidence and teamwork values
  • Mental & physical health awareness among children
Impact of the VIDYA program 
  • Humongous increase in the enrolments at all the PPP Schools run by VIDYA
  • Increase in the learning level of the children, especially 3 R’s (Reading, Writing, and Recitation)
  • Increase in cognitive skills
  • Increase in community involvement
  • Better administration Improvement in delivery of lessons
  • More co-scholastic activities
Even during pandemic
  • We were able to connect to 90% of the students.
  • We can monitor the physical and mental health of, not only kids but of the family, as the teacher’s interaction was not limited to students, but to their parents and siblings as well.
  • Due to the focus on Mental health, we could observe a sign of joy and happiness, while interacting.
  • As the teachers are teaching on mobile phones, mothers are also listening and learning.
  • Teachers upgraded their skills, by joining various courses and workshops.
  • The teachers could understand their students better.
  • The teachers became tech-savvy.

We feel proud to share

  • In 2017, MCD Hauz Khas School was recognized with the ‘Best School Award’ (south zone) by MCD.
  • All 3 SDMC schools partnered with VIDYA now use English as a medium to teach and learn.
  • The retention rate at these schools has improved significantly with very few dropouts.
  • The average attendance at all three schools is above 80% percent.
  • The PTS Christmas video has been selected as the best video in the Northern Region, Chapter of AMCHAM and was played in the virtual
  • Christmas Carnival during lockdown in December 2020.
  • VIDYA score in 3rd party assessment conducted by Education Alliance has always been above average.
  • PTS colony has scored the highest, amongst all SQEP schools, in the ASER assessment, of Grade 2, held in Feb. 2019.
  • ASER Assessment conducted in Feb 2019 on the same cohort of students, Hauz Khas Enclave had the 2nd highest absolute score, as well as the 3rd highest growth in ASER, score across the same group of schools.

Words of Commendations

  • “The support that VIDYA provides to the teachers is enormous. Most government teachers don’t enjoy their profession because of admin-related duties. In our school, we are not only able to enjoy teaching but also share best practices.” says the HKE Principal.
  • “The knowledge they gain from school surroundings helps children spread awareness in their homes, communities, and society at large.” Shushma Arora, Principal SDMC PTS School.
  • Vinod has been a parent of the PTS school since there were just 18 children enrolled. As a parent and as a support staff working in the school throughout its transformation, his belief in the school has been remarkable. “As a parent, all you can hope for is that your child gets a good quality education. Seeing all of the changes in my child since VIDYA’s partnership with PTS, I feel reassured that my children are in the right place,” says Vinod.
  • “It surpassed my expectations! I got to see the facilities and have a conversation with the children. I have known them by their profiles and the hardships they have faced from afar, but finally meeting them and seeing the impact, has been an incredible and grounding experience.” Shriya, Founder Illusion Dance School, on her visit to Sarvpriya Vihar School.
  • “They worked together to make incremental improvements in school practices, such as systematic timetabling, revitalizing the smart classrooms, usage of ICT tools to free up teacher’s time, etc. Today, MCD teachers use VIDYA lesson planning diaries to track classroom goals!” concludes Vinita Kumar, VIDYA coordinator.