VIDYA Community Development Program at IIT, New Delhi


To provide a well-rounded remedial education to slum children, school dropouts and their families and to open more avenues of employment for them.

VIDYA is honored to have partnered with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, where it runs its school on their premises. The support from the Director of IIT, cooperation of the National Social Service (NSS) students, IIT faculty and volunteers has tremendously helped VIDYA grow through leaps and bounds. The objective of the VIDYA IIT Delhi Community Development Project is to provide a well-rounded remedial education to slum children, school dropouts and their families and to open more avenues of employment for them. Programs at IIT Delhi include beyond school, adult literacy, computer training and NIOS bridge course.

The Beyond School Program

An intervention by VIDYA to prevent the children of low income or at-risk backgrounds from dropping out of school. The program is designed in such a way that it motivates the children to continue through their school years and increases the chances of successful transitions into tertiary study. 

Aims at providing academic coaching to children (Nursery to grade 12th) with a focus on English, Math, Science, computer aided learning and life skills. Such programs provide a safe and joyful environment for children which also helps in stemming crime. 

Along with the academic help, VIDYA also ensures that all students are provided with a safe and holistic learning space. Students are regularly exposed and encouraged to participate in several extra-curricular activities like music, dance, art, craft, nature walks, yoga, meditation, storytelling and sports.  This program also offers basic IT training for senior students to help them scale up their skills and match the fast-evolving professional world. 

Adult Literacy Program

Aims at providing basic education to youth and women of the community who could not avail education as children. 

Focuses on spoken English, computer literacy and life skill training. Most of the students enrolled in this program are women who are daily wage workers in the community. This program has played a significant role in empowering women and their families. It has helped them understand the importance of education and has created a sense of awareness in them regarding opportunities which they can still avail by working hard. 

Nios Bridge Course

Aims at giving a second-chance to youth at realizing their potential and working towards their dreams. 

The Bridge Course Projects at IIT Delhi follow the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) program. NIOS gives youth who have dropped out of school by a second chance at completing high school. 

Till date, 3000 students have gone through these projects and all have successfully passed their 10th and 12th standard exams. Currently there are over 75 students that are receiving education under this program at IIT Delhi.

Besides regular classes, 

  • Students participate in extracurricular activities of sports, dance, drama, computer basics, English speaking and other awareness programs. 
  • Career development through admissions in vocational training programs, such as hospitality and retail, which lead to many getting jobs in renowned hotels; they are also mentored by volunteers from various organizations. 

 Through this program many students gained a sense of self-worth, value, and a spirit of empowerment to better their lives.

Class Total Students Results
X 30 100%
XII 27 100%
All the students appeared in Xth class passed and the result is above than 60% .