My name is Shivani Yadav. I am an undergraduate student from Delhi university in Sri Aurobindo college. I m alumina of Vidya school gurgaon, ‘The VIDYA’ is a not for profit organisation working for the education, empowerment and transformation of less privileged children, youth and women through micro level intervention.I had joined vidya in 2nd standard , when I was even not able speak properly in the crowd. I was very shy and afraid of meeting new people. When I got admission I was feeling very happy that I got the opportunity to study been coming from underprivileged family. As years passed I saw the development of myself. I became confident, ready to face challenges, started speaking fluent English, and not only did Vidya help me only but my family also by giving my mother jobs opportunities in school canteen. Our chairperson in like STARSHINE always saying vidya is not a school It is a FAMILY. After passing out the school they never made us feel alone and helped us by taking care of our financial needs (providing fees of college) or mental needs (helped to make future goals). Even now I just have to drop a message of I am in problem and every teacher helps me out. As there is always contribution of every family member to the family.I will also pack back.I will one day make you all proud one day my the strength, voice, spark, shine, faithfulness, and most important knowledge that is provided by you all.