“I was in my 9th standard when I joined VIDYA. I passed my 10th standard SSC exams in 2008 with 64%.
I was able to continue my education because of the support from VIDYA. I got admission in Night School and enrolled in coaching classes. To my delight, I scored 66% in HSC and the next stop was a degree.

Jayshree Ma’am helped me get admitted to college and coaching classes. Last year, in 2013, I graduated with a Bachelor in commerce with 56%. This has been a major achievement for me.
I am the first graduate in my family and I am also the first graduate of VIDYA Mumbai. It gives me tremendous joy to know that I have that place in VIDYA. I am working as an Admin Executive in TCS now and I would still like to study further. I want to do an MBA and I am saving up to fund my own education.

I will always be grateful to VIDYA for all that they have done for me. I am not referring to only financial help but also how they contributed towards my personal growth as a human being. I have become more confident, better at time management, better at interacting with people and learnt to deal with my problems in a more effective way.

I realise the importance of education and want to educate my sister who just passed her 10th with 69%. I want her to be independent and self-reliant; and the only way to be like that is through education.

In future, I would like to volunteer and donate to VIDYA.”