Atul completed his primary education from Bal in 2006. He is a physically handicap child. After 5th std. school helped him to get admission in Akshya Partishthan, so that there is no discontinuation in his education. School financially supported the education of this child in the school till 2009 (8th std.) as Akshya Partishthan is until middle school only. After 8th std. he was admitted to Govt. Boys Senior Sec. School for higher education. School continued supporting the education of the child financially. Not only this, school has been helping Atul to get caliper and special shoes required to support his feet. With regular guidance and support Atul has now completed his schooling successfully and joined Pol. Science (Hon.) at Dayal Singh School. He is now working in Lab advisor Health Care as a Lab Advisor Assistant.

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