As a middle-class student VIDYA scholarship means to me a lot, it gave me a new opportunity to continue my education journey, which was most important to see my career growth. As a single parent-child, it was difficult for me to continue my education in the circumstances of financial problems, mother’s health upset so on… During those days VIDYA recognized me, identified my hidden potentials which never I realized, and showed me a new path to continue my studies. Because of this recognition, I achieved a lot which I never imagined about me in this high position, because of VIDYA now I’m in a good position and supporting my family. VIDYA not only gave me education it taught me discipline, communication skills, but it also seeded self-confidence within me, it molded me in every way…I’m so thankful for the VIDYA family.

Continuous motivation every single day which the VIDYA family gave, triggered me a lot to achieve something else. It made to stand out of the crowd. Everything I learned from VIDYA tried to apply in my situations and not fully but I attempted and I achieved some things. Which made others take me as inspiration, when many talk about this the first thing that comes to my mind is VIDYA’s support and my family. I have many things still to achieve I hope which and all I learned in VIDYA will help me in my future circumstances.

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