Anisha is a bright 10th student at the VIDYA School in Gurgaon. She comes from a humble background, her mother is a homemaker and her father is a laborer. It was a difficult childhood-Someone fed her some poisonous sweets, the after effects of which still trouble her.Then, at the age of 7, she had an accident which fractured her right hand. Her hand did not heal properly and it was very difficult for her to learn how to write. She thus has challenges with learning in the classroom. Though she has some disabilities, she does not let them get in the way of her dreams and aspirations. Her wonderful mind and her sheer determination have driven her to successfully complete every grade since preschool at VIDYA. Along with her written and oral skills, her self confidence has greatly improved throughout the years. She is eager to learn and regularly attends school and was recognized recently when she received a certificate for not missing a day of school.

Anisha’s story is inspiring in that where most tend to lose hope due to their circumstances, she chose to rise above her situation to pursue a better life for herself and her family.