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Can music reveal the deep unspoken truth behind our sacred texts and traditions?

VIDYA Presents “WITHIN – Songs of the Sacred”, with Sonam Kalra.

Sonam Kalra is a multiple award-winning singer-songwriter and composer.

She is famous for her unique take on Sufi and sacred music which blends the many voices of faith, through poetry, prayer and music to create one universal voice of faith. It has earned her international critical acclaim.

Her concerts are evocative and invigorating, blending sounds in ways you’ve never heard before. Indian classical tones and Eastern spiritual texts are enriched by elements of poetry to create a sound that touches every soul. The Sikh morning prayer blends into the lilting strains of Sufi saint Kabir Das’s words, Punjabi poet Baba Bulleh Shah’s voice is juxtaposed with Persian poetry, which flows into Amir Khusrau’s poetry, while a Buddhist chant gently shares the stage with a Sufi Qata. Revealing that no matter what the language of the lyrics or the ethnicity of the sounds, there is but one language⁠— the language of faith. Her music reveals that as the universal truth, from within.

She has the rare distinction of being trained in both Indian and Western traditions of music, under the tutelage of Smt. Shubha Mudgal and Pt. Sarathi Chatterjee. This, along with her powerful voice and versatility, gives her the ability to seamlessly move between and blend different styles, and collaborate with artists from a variety of genres and traditions, including gospel, Rajasthani folk, African and Opera.

She has performed in over 24 countries across Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and won numerous awards.

The proceeds from this concert will go towards educating, empowering and transforming the 20,000 ambitious, hard-working children, youth and women VIDYA serves across India.

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