Sanskriti Program


The word Sanskrit is synonymous with tradition, culture and heritage. India, a land known for its inclusivity and diversity is proud of its own parampara. With the multitude of variety of skills in performing arts like music, dance, arts and theatre, it’s our duty to preserve the culture of our country with Great Spirit and scope.

VIDYA aspires to promote the indigenous culture and tradition of our country’s values through Sanskriti program at VIDYA Centre of Excellence in Bangalore. This program will bring a multidimensional approach to build the rich ethnic values in music, dance arts and performing arts.

This program will be conducted in partnership with renowned artists.  The program will benefit both privileged and underprivileged children with privileged children contributing to the learning of the under privileged.  

A nation’s success and its growth don’t rely upon only with the academic performance but also with the success of approaching the field of education in a holistic approach. With the profound experience of the faculties, the VIDYA Centre of Excellence will promote and harness the performing arts which will certainly bind the head, heart and hand in harmony.