VIDYA Centre of Excellence


The VIDYA Centre of Excellence is located 3 kms from the Marathalli flyover, just off the Whitefield main road, opposite the Siddhapura bus stop. This citadel is a place of learning for many under privileged children, youth and women. Set in a spacious 18,000 sq. ft. plot, has a beautiful kitchen garden with all types of fruits and vegetables, a beautiful outdoor play station and a vast sandpit for kids to play and explore. It also boasts of a serene indoor courtyard with lush green grass, for story time and classroom under the open sky.

The activities of VIDYA at grassroots level works with the mantra of Educate. Empower. Transform. The holistic approach to education comes together at the VIDYA Centre for Excellence at Dunmore House in Whitefield Bangalore where several programs come together under one roof in a unique manner with the aim of transforming the beneficiaries and their families by providing them with age appropriate relevant education that enhances employability and builds a sense of pride within its participants.

The purpose of this centre is to provide high-quality education, empowerment, opportunities and second chances to children, youth and women; to support individuals in dreaming big, achieve their goals and create the social change they want to see in the world; to enable employability and building capacity; to produce students who are confident, capable and ambitious, with skills that make them productive members of a fast-evolving global society; to build the leaders and responsible citizens of tomorrow, focusing on individuals, communities and their aspirations, excellence, skill-building and social change; to establish a joyful education and make the centre a place of inspiration for all our students; to create an atmosphere of home and family for the beneficiaries from vulnerable backgrounds, instilling a sense of security and belongingness.

The various programs conducted at VIDYA Centre of Excellence are;

Gyanarthi Programme is the Open Basic Education, where the students have the advantage of learning at their own pace and potential. Independent and self -learning is encouraged to make them life time learners. The flexibility of the open learning system ensures higher retention rate as well as better learning achievement. Moreover, to make the learning relevant to their lives, the thematic pedagogy is planned. This allows the students to explore their curiosity, be a lot more innovative and learn with joy. English, Kannada, EVS/Science/Social Studies, Mathematics along with vocational subjects are offered. The students can appear for the exams held by the National School of Open Schooling, an autonomous institution under Ministry of Education, Govt of India. Exams are held when they are 9, 12 and 13+ years which is equivalent to 3rd, 5th and 8th grades. Students who have not been able to complete their grade X exams are encouraged to enrol in the NIOS programme. Teachers guide them, work on their study skills and encourage self –learning.

Gyanvardhan program focuses on imparting remedial spoken English, computer skills, life skills, basic science &mathematics beyond school with a view to enhance educational opportunities for students in govt schools and low end private schools. The curriculum is devised using creative methods and teaching aids to ensure understanding and not rote learning. The students will also get an exposure to various indoor games, theatre, music, art & craft activities

Digital Literacy Program aims at promoting access to digital literacy for boys and girls from under privileged background with NIIT certification that will help them in employment

Communicative English Program aims to remove the fear for the language, and gradually build the adequate confidence needed to communicate by enhancing vocabulary, imparting skills, instilling knowledge and in creating the right environment for communication.

Shakti Livelihood Program aims at providing skill development, employability linked academic training, wellness and life skills to enhance personal transformation and guide women from marginalized background towards employment and entrepreneurship.

Project AnnamHunger knows no barriers! Food security and hunger have continued to be two important issues in the past years. Goal two of Sustainable development goals states “End hunger, Achieve food security and improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture”. Based on this, the Project Annam will focus its development activities on quality, hygienic food for the children who attend Open Basic Education classes. This project provides employment opportunities to women from marginalized background to cook food under the guidance of a trained chef and coordinator.