Margam program

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VIDYA’s Motto is to Educate, Empower, and Transform the lives of children, youth and women from marginalized communities through its high quality training programs.

The skill development program for the women covers basic communicative English, basic computer skills, as well as vocational skills which included Tailoring, Embroidery, Crochet, jewellery design and other crafts like Madhubani paintings, block printing, and paper crafts. A strong sense of ethical values has been inculcated in the women during the coursework.

Every beneficiary of the skill development program becomes part of the Margam program, an entrepreneurship initiative during the last 4 months of the training course. VIDYA’s Margam initiative trains women to design, develop, produce and sell handcrafted products that can be made in their own homes for supplemental income and financial independence. 

These sales are facilitated through various stalls, individual orders and online initiatives. Partnership with Habba, MISU and our participation at the Hundred Hands and the Overseas Women’s Community has been a huge encouragement to our women and given them a fresh perspective on maintaining high quality for the products. 

Margam has built its base with more sales, better quality and a wider range of products. Women gain visibility into new trends and styles. They learn to handle accounts, manage procurement and delivery, pricing. These initiatives encourage them to develop communication and entrepreneurial skills that are required to run and manage their own small businesses.

At the end of the Margam training, the women are introduced to the concept of a Self Help Group, which is a registered entity and can be run by the women to benefit the group through their work orders. 

To be able to make a permanent impact on our beneficiaries VIDYA is implementing an approach of creating Self Help Groups among our trainees. VANITHE is an urban Self Help Group that came together during a shared training course at VIDYA South Bangalore Centre.