COVID Initiative


When the whole nation strives to drive COVID 19 out of our lives and social distancing being the order of the day, it is the primary duty of organizations like VIDYA to reach out to the needy, helpless and the voiceless to bring in awareness, supplies, driving home the policies of the government and its measures related to financial and material aids. VIDYA has taken the following steps;

  • As early as March 3rd 2020, the news of the first case of COVID-19 emerged in Bangalore, our beneficiaries were shown instructional videos and demonstrations on preventive measures to be carried out. The significance of maintaining good health and hygiene and the importance of social distancing were taught.
  • During the lockdown period, we reached out to our beneficiaries sharing appropriate information, authentic news and available help lines.
  • There is fear factor which has increased exponentially in the last few months as they are uncertain about the future. The women were given regular counselling to face the crisis situation through VIDYA Counselors.
  • The women were helped to form self help groups which has given them an opportunity to earn while they are at home during these difficult times.
  • Cooked food was given to migrant labourers in various labor camps for 10 days. Rice, essential kits, sanitary napkins, masks were distributed to VIDYA beneficiaries across Bangalore.
  • VIDYA scholarship students received laptops and tabs through a donation drive launched at VIDYA Bangalore.
  • Nutrition kits were distributed to 1500 migrant laborers who were travelling to their hometown. Distributing the kits before their onward journey was timely to most of the beneficiaries to sustain them on their long journey with some nutrition and energy.
  • The essential kits containing grocery kits and sanitary napkins were distributed to 1500 families across 30 different communities. The distribution meant support for families in different crisis situations and made a difference in sustaining themselves in the process of recouping resilience and hope.
 “I am siddamma. God bless you for helping poor people like me I was a little worried about my kids, relocated to this unknown place, with literally no income… now I can happily feed them.”- Siddamma
  • 500 patients suffering from various medical conditions received necessary medicine supplies
  • 510 N95 mask, 50 5 lit sanitizers & 50 sanitizer stands distributed to Health care centre, govt. Hospital, police stations, traffic police stations, Anganwadis, railway station, primary health care centres, Gram Panchayat office, BBMP office and Majestic Railway station.

“You have donated us with liquid sanitizers and a stand, which we all can use before entering the office, to keep our premises corona free. Those who are working outside can use these N95 masks to protect themselves from corona. Thank you for your support. Your service to the society is commendable and we pray all success to VIDYA.”

  • Pourakarmikas are the first line of defence against COVID-19, they are true warriors who are working relentlessly to help keep the disease away. PPE kit for 1050 garbage workers were given to 18 BBMP wards in South Bangalore and East Bangalore.

“I am Nagamma, working as a cleaner/sweeper with BBMP for 36 years. Thank you for the support. Very useful for the work we do..God bless you.”

  • PPE kits were provided to frontline workers in Victoria Hospital with the most number of COVID positive patients. PPE kits were also given to the Bangalore Hospice Trust, Karunashraya, in Marathahalli which provides free of cost palliative care to advanced stage cancer patients.