Communicative English

Communication is a fundamental human need and thus is the essence of the universe.  In a metropolitan city like Bangalore, knowledge of English, a common language is a vital attribute to survive, prevail and live. VIDYA, well aware of the significance of English language in a multi-lingual society, emphasises on imparting the skill to each and every beneficiary by incorporating language learning in all our programmes. 

The unique aspect of our curriculum is that it is tailor-made to suit students with varying aspirations, needs, and levels.  And hence we offer the courses based on levels Basic Level 1, Basic Level 2, Basic Level 3, Advanced Level & NIIT Spoken English and Personality Development

The program caters to beneficiaries from different strata….from domestic helpers to live-in governess, college students to housewives, entrepreneurs to employees and to elderly women too.  Our prime goal is to remove the fear for the language, and gradually build the adequate confidence needed to communicate by enhancing vocabulary, imparting skills, instilling knowledge, and creating the right environment for communication.

Communication is not only expressing one’s feelings, thoughts and emotions but also to comprehend and experience others’.  VIDYA opens vistas to express and experience.

Meet some of our alumni: