School Partnership- Bhavishya-Yaan

VIDYA’s Bhavishya-Yaan program under the ‘school partnership’ banner aims at filling the gaps in holistic education for sections of students in municipal schools.

The need for enhanced spoken English skills, life-skills and computer skills in vernacular medium schools, led to the conceptualisation of Bhavishya-Yaan – a program in collaboration with Rotary Club of Bombay that now runs successfully in 8 BMC Schools across Mumbai.

Key Focus Areas

Spoken English

In today’s world, English is undoubtedly the language of opportunity, enhancing one’s social status and increasing social elasticity. Comfort and improved proficiency in the language will help our students improve their academic grades, and consequently pursue a higher education in subjects and institutes of their choice.

Computer Education

Computer education helps students research about the world, as well as aids their career growth in diverse industries. The computer has become a standard of instruction around the world, but again there is a gap between students belonging to under-privileged backgrounds and the rest... This is the gap Bhavishya-Yaan aims at bridging.


Life skills helps one develop adaptive and positive behaviours to effectively deal with the demands and challenges of life. It also helps students think creatively and solve problems laterally. Moreover, it teaches children to take responsibility for their actions and face the world with confidence.


The curriculum of Bhavishya-Yaan has been designed and developed keeping in mind these three pillars. It executed by well-trained, experienced and qualified teachers, with the aim to help students perform better academically, pursue professional educations, and improve their employability options.

Additionally, it helps students enhance their confidence and gives them insight into various general knowledge subjects and current affairs. The use of different tools and teaching methodologies like role play, audio-visual aids, games, activities, puzzles, etc. exposes them to an interactive and informative way of learning and imagining the world.


Annual summer camps, literary and tech fests combined with Indian festival celebrations, excursions and a finishing school, all work on different facets of student’s personality and make students more ready to meet the outside world.

The performance of students is tracked regularly, as is that of the teachers and volunteers who undertake several capacity building programs.

Independence Day celebration

Literature Fest : Theme Stories


Municipal Schools
2009 to 2021
Impacted 11,154 Students


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Student Testimonial


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