Empowerment Program

Women empowerment is a process in which women challenge the existing norms and culture, to effectively promote their well-being.

Social norms have always considered women to be less qualified to reap success in the modern world. Different cultures prevent women from accomplishing their full economic potential. In addition to this, gender inequities in the workplace make it more difficult for women to actively participate in the labour market and be financially independent.

To weather this disruption, women need to be skilled and strong-willed and require targeted support to move forward in the world of work. Collective and innovative solutions are needed to enable women to seize new opportunities in the present times or else, they may fall behind in the professional world. Thus, in order to tackle the barriers to achieving social and economic empowerment, vocational training can play a great role. Financial freedom, life skills and employment are the necessary steps towards accomplishing this goal.

VIDYA’s Women Empowerment Program, Margam, since 2002 has been making this a reality to many women from marginalised communities, by addressing their pressing needs to identify and enhance their skills in order to make them financially independent and self-reliant. 

The intervention aims to empower women and young girls through vocational and life skill
training combined for social and economic empowerment of them in the community.

Our Reach

Margam started out with one community centre in 2010 which later grew into 2 centres in the communities, where over 1000+ women and young girls have been empowered with necessary skills and crafts. Margam has thus transformed the lives of many women from the disadvantaged communities in and around the Powai Region of the city of Mumbai.


Total 2356



Women and Young Girls Have been Empowered by necessary skills


VIDYA’s Margam Program focuses on educating and equipping women and young girls with skills needed to have a secure income. Through acquiring these skills, women contribute to the improvement of the economic status of the families in communities. The main aim of this program is to enhance the quality of life for women through increased knowledge and skills. We offer training courses in Functional Literacy, Spoken English, Digital literacy and Vocational skill training – Tailoring, Block Printing, Embroidery, Crochet, and Mehendi as well. Only vocational training is not sufficient for a woman, VIDYA focuses on overall holistic development, through various Life Skills sessions like Time management, Stress management, Communication skills, Job readiness, Resume writing and various Awareness sessions like Menstrual health and hygiene, Digital Marketing, Financial Literacy etc. These sessions are taken by our corporate partners and volunteers of various organizations. Various Workshops were also conducted to upgrade the beneficiaries with latest trends and techniques in the market. These workshops are done by corporates and individuals also.

VIDYA believes that literacy on its own would not be sufficient for women to increase their status, vocational training and skills are also necessary. During training, the women craft different products for sale; they are compensated for the work that they contribute to the products. After the program, 80% women become self-employed , start taking orders and work from home and contribute financially to their families.

Working for women empowerment in the community,VIDYA -Margam has started with a new project – Beautician course. This course will show a great impact socially and economically. The Beautician training course is for trainees who want to work in the beauty sector to learn, develop, and practice as required by the market. In this course, the emphasis is put on the trainee to acquire the ability to perform as a confident and competent Beautician.

VIDYA-Margam’s intervention in the community through various skill development projects, year after year have shown the changes that can be seen in all the beneficiaries. One can easily make out a difference when a woman or girl joins Margam and after she completed her course. The self esteem level , the positive attitude and the confidence has always increased.

Training Courses

Functional Literacy
Hindi , Marathi, English
Spoken English
in partnership with NIIT
Digital Literacy

Vocational Skills

in partnership with Singer India
Block Printing

Life Skills Session

• Time Management
• Stress Management
• Communication Skills
• Job Readiness
• Resume Writing

Awareness Sessions

Menstrual health and hygiene
Digital Marketing
Financial Literacy


to upgrade the beneficiaries with the latest trends and techniques in the market. These workshops are done by corporates and individuals also.

Beautician course

In partnership with Lakme Academy


Margam through various skill development projects and initiatives in the communities encourages a holistic way for women to unlock their fullest potential and helps them become role models within the community.

Amidst the Pandemic, when most of the people from the unorganised sectors were rendered jobless, VIDYA’s Margam has stitched 1600+ masks and distributed them with Grocery kits. The initiative has not only helped in protecting others but has also given livelihood opportunities to many women.

The Pandemic situation also urged everyone to go virtual, for that, our trainers were given the required training to update their skills, for the use of various online tools and digital platforms for the purpose of teaching virtually.

Women empowerment is a continuous process and VIDYA-Margam is always there to encourage and support them to define their priorities and to demand their rights with courage and dignity through overall development.


Margam Centre, Teachers & Beneficiaries

Urmila Gaikwad (Marathi)

Manasi Ranavate (Hindi)