Digital is no more an alternative rather a new norm. Technology has entwined with our life to an extent that good digital skills enable us to ensure a good quality of life. Digital skills are part and parcel of higher education. Understanding the fundamentals of the 21st-century technology that surrounds us is very crucial in the modern world, especially for the job-seeking youth.

Inaccessibility to digital exposure is rooted in inequalities that exist within the society based on socio-economic status, gender, ethnicity, sexual identity etc. Understanding these inequalities and uprooting those undesirable elements thereby ensuring equal access to the digital environment and equipping youngsters with necessary digital skills, to make them job-ready is what VIDYA’s Digital Empowerment Program for Youth strives for.


· To provide opportunities to build a competent portfolio
· To prepare and improve youth employability skills
· To provide the digital skills and soft skills needed for a successful transition into the workplace not otherwise provided by their colleges


VIDYA Mumbai’s Digital Empowerment Program (DEP) was initiated in the year 2011. To date, DEP was able to expand across 9 communities and created a positive impact on the youth population, providing them with the necessary skills, introducing the students to emerging technology tools and preparing them for the 21st-century workplace. Around 140 students received placements during the pandemic, in the first year of our placement initiative.






DEP offers various courses throughout the year, with the vision of a holistic approach to make today’s youth Job ready. Our 3 to 6 months basic and advanced certification programs impart crucial digital skills to the youth like Tally essentials, Web designing, Basic IT, Digital marketing etc. Youth with prerequisite knowledge in IT are mentored under our ‘MITR’ program by the leading industry experts to lead them into IT jobs, whereas the youth without IT background are streamlined towards the IT-enabled job sector with our Job readiness modules on Resume Writing, Interview skills, Work Etiquettes and Mock Interviews and various sessions like cybersecurity awareness etc.

BASIC Courses

Basic IT
Hardware & Networking
Web design
Python Programming



Advanced Excel
Tally Essentials
Digital Marketing

MITR Program

Student who are pursuing their IT degrees are mentored by technology experts from IT companies. Students will be leearning programming language as per the industry requirements and will also be working on different projects.


Resume writing
Mock Interviews
Interview Skills
Work etiquettes


Digital Footprint
Cyber Bullying
Productive usage of Social Media platforms


Alumni → Interns → Trainers

We provide opportunities for alumni to become Interns, After 3 months of Internships, eligible candidates become trainers.75% of DEP staff are our alumni turn internsturn trainers.

Stories to inspire

Alumni → Interns
Alumni → Trainers
Alumni → Center Admin
Alumni → Project Officer

Pratibha Dubey, is a teacher at VIDYA’s Digital Literacy Program at a partnership school. A small town girl from UP with an Arts degree and no computer knowledge at 2015 is a most wanted teacher among the children and teaches them block programming, HTML and assign them challenging projects for a deeper understanding. How she achieved it ??
Prashant Waghmare, is a BE, Computer Science graduate from VIDYA Powai, Mumbai community. He is currently working as a Desktop Support Engineer, a best job to start his career. Here he shares, how VIDYA shaped his career and personality.


Tech Fest

Tech Fest is the annual event conceptualized, planned, and executed by VIDYA DEP. Every year during January or February, the event is conducted to showcase the talents of the students and give them exposure to the latest technologies.

As we know that India is the fastest-growing country, two inter-related factors play a major role in developing the backbone of the upcoming generation, i.e. education and employment. One cannot deny the fact of the rapid growth rate of education but unemployment is still a matter of contention for the last few decades. India can meet the unemployment challenge only if it adapts to the new reality of a digital transformation. We are imparting Digital education for youth which keeps them one step ahead in this competitive job market. We have so many success stories like our student working as a Junior data analyst in a reputed company. We are glad that we are contributing towards the transformation of our country into Digital India.

-Ronak Postandel, Program Officer, Digital Empowerment Program