The fifth National Family Health Survey (NFHS) says that on an average, less than 3 out of 10 women in rural India and 4 out of 10 women in urban India ever used the Internet.

Our founder Mrs. Rashmi Misra believes that when a women is educated and empowered in a family, the whole family is empowered and transformed. She had given a holistic approach to all the initiatives of VIDYA, a decade ago and Digital Literacy to women is part of the  Women Empowerment Program course module.

Digital Empowerment Program (DEP) is ahead in this endeavor by imparting basic Digital Literacy skills to women from the Women Empowerment Program, Mothers of children and youth beneficiaries as well as Women from the community who wish to upgrade themselves in this digital era.

The pandemic also increased the use of digital technology and opened new platforms for e-commerce and online learning, enabling access to markets that were previously out of reach for women micro-entrepreneurs and women’s collectives. Technological advancement in the form of falling smartphone prices and expanding mobile internet coverage, helped many more women in the countryto come online via their mobile phones. Hence DEP started a new inititiave ‘Digital Saathi’ as a community transformation tool to empower the community women by imparting the knowledge at their door steps. DEP will educate few women ambassadors from the communities and they will impart the trainings at the door steps of community homes.


Sarika is a 35 year old woman from DEP Varsha Nagar Center. She works as a house maid and has many problems in the family. She joined DEP since it is nearer to her home and provides an industry recognized certificate. She took longer to pick up and put a lot of effort into understanding the topics. Her aim is to get into a data entry job to support her family financially and to help her children in their studies.

Swapnalee Desai, a MSc Chemsitry graduate from a very humble family background where her Parents dreamt a flying career for the daughter and waiting for the struggles to get an end. But the reality hit hard, when their daughter with a post graduate degree could not get a job because she lacked the additional skills like Digital skills, Communication English and Work place readiness skills which the college could not teach her. Through VIDYA, she acquired these skills and now working as Lab Chemist in Oilfield Chemicals company. Her parents are thankful to VIDYA for uplifting their daughter’s career. Swapnalee never looked back and she is shining in her professional career.

 “Digital Empowerment Program (DEP) is addressing the needs of community girls and women by imparting certified Digital Literacy, Data Entry and other IT enabled courses. However, this covers only the girls and women who can come out of their shells to learn the skills and qualify themselves for employment. yet many other women such as Mothers, Sisters of our beneficiaries, and many women of the communities are left behind. Hence we have taken a big initiative called ‘Digital Saathi’ where our student ambassadors will go to their homes and teach the women functional Digital Literacy. We believe that this will open up new avenues for the timid housewives and young girls who are reluctant to come out of the four walls of their small homes. We are looking for partners who can work with us hand in hand to uplift society. Empowering a woman empowers a family which in turn transforms a community which ultimately provides inclusivity to every citizen of our country.”
– Director, Digital Program, VIDYA India


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Anita Gupta, is a teacher who teaches Hindi in the school. Due to the pandemic, her job required her to take classes online and do a lot of tasks on a computer system. Since she was not much familiar with the online teaching system, she started facing difficulty with it. She enrolled for our Digital Literacy Course and learnt things like, how to do Online Meets using Zoom/Google Meet etc., how to search and save videos, how to use Google Drive. She was a very quick learner. She quoted, “VIDYA has taught me a lot of useful things when I needed it at the most. Teaching online is so easy now. VIDYA did not only help me but all my fellow teachers as I could guide them through whenever they faced any problem

“Empowering a Woman Empowers the Next Generations”, I believe that women have the right to live with their heads raised and don’t depend on anyone. We have to first educate them so that they can understand their rights. Everywhere around us is technology, so it is important to make them digitally literate. At VIDYA, we do it holistically by providing women not only the technical skills but we focus with their interpersonal skills. We should empower them to continue learning and encourage them to teach others themselves and this process continues, so that no woman remains ignorant and left out. Ms. Sunita Sharma, Project Supervisor.