LIGHTHOUSE Community Initiative

Launched in 2018, Lighthouse is a primary foundation community program that emphasises on extracurricular activities as a way of shaping a child’s personality. By creating an interactive, fun, non-competitive and safe social environment, the program uses a host of aural, visual, and physical aids to empower students in the age group of 4 to 11 years, with the necessary guidance and educational support they need as first generation English learners.
The program impacts elementary students from the Bhai Bandarkar Macchimar Nagar fishing community at Cuffe Parade, who are enrolled in low-income semi and English medium schools.

Through innovative methods like art activities, songs, stories, drama, and other audio-visual tools, the program instils confidence in each child by focusing on their English language development. Discovery Channel has developed the curriculum of Lighthouse – Engage, an interesting blend of academic subjects like English and Maths with Environmental Studies and G.K.


2021 to 2022

60 Students

2018 to 2021

400 Students