School Partnership- Adult Literacy

Adult Literacy program aims at all-round development of adults – particularly women from lesser privilege communities – through improved spoken English skills. We believe this skill helps build their confidence, as well as provides opportunities for new learning through experiential methods, that they may have missed in their previous education.

Mothers who attend the program regularly are seen to be better equipped in assisting their children as they study in English. Additionally, their enhanced spoken English skills helps them create more impact at job interviews, as well as converse fluently with colleagues at the workplace, and conduct online businesses and transactions with ease.



35 women

2018 to 2021

246 Women

Success Stories

Sushama Sonavne

Sushama is a student of Spoken English class in Govandi. Because of her IT background and newfound confidence, she ended up with a job as the Centre Coordinator in VIDYA Centre. She firmly believes that whatever she is able to communicate/comprehend with the kids and staff of the school today is thanks to her exposure to this language through this class. She continues to attend spoken English sessions after her working time.

 Archana Sonawane

Archana Sonawane, Science Teacher in RST School had joined the Mothers’ Program for spoken English. Recently when she was asked to share her experience, she was able to speak a few sentences in English before switching over to Hindi. She believes she developed this confidence to speak in English in front of an audience of 70 people because of the classes which she attends diligently.

Priyanka Dhamanaskar

Priyanka Bipin Dhamanaskar joined Mothers’ program on 18th August 2018. When her child’s piano class teacher called her up to say something. Priyanka not only understood everything that was spoken to her in English but she also responded continuously for 2-3 minutes in English. This has built her confidence to a certain extent and strengthened her belief that she can speak in English with ease and that too with strangers.

Mrs. Pooja Sawant

Mrs. Pooja Sawant has been a student of mothers program being conducted at Govandi Center. She lacked confidence in speaking English, when she joined the spoken English sessions, in April 2019. She was not aware of grammatical rules, as well.

After attending these sessions, Pooja has improved her spoken skills. She is able to converse in English confidently and tries to frame grammatically correct sentences. On one occasion, during the visit of the Program Head, Mrs. Deepa Shetiya ma’am, Pooja interacted with her in English and shared her experience of the spoken English sessions. Being confident and now able to speak in English, Pooja has also begun to earn through a small business. Now, she is able to interact with her customers in English. She gives all the credit for her success to VIDYA.

Mrs. Manisha Naik

Manisha Naik a mother staying in P.L. Lokhande Marg – Govandi area had joined spoken English classes at Govandi center. She was afraid to face interviews in English. After attending several classes and seeking training in facing interviews, she overcame her fear and gained confidence.

As a result, she could face the interview and secured a job in the Accounts section at Sharma Electrical – Chembur as an Accountant with 6500 salaries. She immediately called VIDYA and expressed gratitude for helping her in English and confidence building.