A few weeks ago, television channels, talk shows, front pages all echoed and cooed one name, only one name.

Who’s Messi?
I had no clue.

Who is Messi?
What sport does he play? Which team does he play for?
Which country does he represent?
What are his achievements, his successes?

I had no answers, no knowledge of him at all.

Then, one fine winter morning, as I crossed my living room, my eyes fixed on a good- looking, young, energetic, spirited player. Full of life; running, dribbling the ball all around the ground, on the wide screen of the television.
Instinctively, I knew– this is Messi!

The Messi fever caught me too.
My eyes followed his golden boots; I followed the game.
Seconds slipped away, and yes, Here is Messi, all set for the penalty kick.
The whole world waited with bated breath to witness their favourite player in action.
So did I.
The rest of the story is a tearful trauma.
The very young man, who ran around the ground, with composed zest and zeal was seen dejected and drowning in despair; agony and pain writ all over his face.
He was visibly disappointed, his eyes focusing on the empty nothingness; oblivious to the cheers and celebrations of his competitors.
The scene, still continuous to haunt many a million hearts across the globe.
The following day’s news papers carried expert views on the whole scenario and the heart breaking news.
The player, who has seen many a success on the very field, is quitting his game, his dream, his life!
A loss, a defeat, a miss is all it took a great “match winner”, “a game changer”, “a born winner”, a player “belonging to the world” to give up on his ambition and career?
Questions crowded and clouded my mind.

Every dawn, we die many a deaths to eke a living; miss many momentous opportunities to earn a penny; face many a defeats in the game of life.
Yet, we rise again, the next second, all ready to play the game of life.
Then, why is Messi giving up!
This foot ball legend has risen from the dusts to the crown of glory. He has fought many a battle against a physical disorder. He rose and emerged stronger from the stone walls of defeat.
Messi is a champion we can look up to!

Haven’t we have seen great personalities rise and fall, succeed and defeat. What’s different about Messi?
It’s that he’s one of those rare victors who “holds himself responsible for the defeats”

This champion of champions has given the greatest lessons of lessons– to be responsible for our actions and defeats.
We hope that this legend continues to inspire many young and old on and off the fields.

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