Meri Taakat Main – International Women’s Day 2018 with VIDYA

When you are your biggest celebration, every day is a special day, a festival!

This international women’s day let us help women everywhere explore their strengths, feelings and thoughts more deeply. Let us together help them realize why each one of them is an unrepeatable miracle and why they must celebrate their existence. Let us ask them about that one thing that they feel most empowered about and about those beautiful moments when they strongly felt #MeriTaakatMain or #Iammystrength!

We’re making this month all about empowered women. Join our campaign starting from the 6th of March by sharing your empowering moments and ask at least three more women to share theirs. Your story has the power to inspire others and change a life!

When you share your story, use this hashtag on facebook, twitter, and instagram: #MeriTaakatMain, along with these for maximum reach: #iammystrength #InternationalWomensDay #PressforProgress #vidya

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Like, comment and share and help make this campaign a success!

Here’s a video of Renu, one of the women from our VIDYA Silai Center:

Happy International Women’s Day!