FIDELITY COVID Relief for the underprivileged in India



COVID-19 is devastating for everyone. But the worst affected are those who were already severely disadvantaged to begin with. The country-wide lockdown is medically necessary but has put insurmountable stress on these populations.

Less privileged communities are dependent on family, friends, neighbours, government programs, small businesses and NGOs like us for meeting all their daily and monthly needs. During this COVID-19 lockdown those options are severely constrained, and there is also the additional need for reliable supplies and personal protective equipment.

Since VIDYA already has a foothold and many decades worth of trust among the communities we work in inside Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, we have initiated a program to help all those we can in these difficult times.

“VIDYA is a credible organization that we evaluated over two years ago and has been supporting the health and nutrition of underprivileged communities through them. While our support at a corporate level continues, interested Fidelity employees may in their personal capacity choose to donate to VIDYA directly by purchasing care packages that will be given on your behalf to beneficiaries in need.“

Corporate Social Responsibility

How can you help?

Nutrition package: This basket of care includes cereals, pulses, oil, sugar, salt, spices, and other staples that will last a family a month to ensure they get wholesome nutrition. (Rs 2000 per family per month or $30 per family per month)

Hygiene package: This basket of care includes soap, sanitizer, N95 masks, and a thermometer (Rs 1000 per family per month or $15 per family per month)

Complete package: In case you would like to donate a combination of the nutrition and hygiene package.