COVID-19 initiative

Mumbai is not just a city, it is an emotion. The maximum city is a place where people come to realise their dreams. But from the uptown streets of Colaba to the slums of Dharavi, there is a chasm which leaves us with two different Mumbais.

For the past two Decades, VIDYA Mumbai has been actively working towards minimizing these socio-economic inequities. In 2020, the COVID-19 Pandemic grappled the city, collapsed its healthcare system and left the underprivileged on their own. At VIDYA Mumbai, we rose to the occasion and took several initiatives to win the war against Covid. In these trying times we undertook Community feeding drives and Food projects for those who were adversely affected due to the lockdown. Additionally we provided grocery kits for day-to-day survival to those in need. Basic necessities for women such as sanitary pads were provided through the ‘Donate dignity’ program.

Activity Impact Numbers
Community Feeding 7000 Grocery kits
25000 cooked mealss
Mask Distribution Drive 23000 Masks
10 Communities
Health Infrastructure Initiative 30 Oxygen Cylinders
5 Portable Ventilators
1 Cardiac Ambulance
5 Cardiac Bypass Machine
38 Oximeters and Thermoguns
Digital Divide Campaign 5500 Digital Devices Distributed
15 Communities
Vaccination Drive 2000 Adults
Goods for Good' campaign by Starbucks 350 Volunteers
Donate Dignity 5000 Sanitary Napkins
8 Communities
Digital India Campaign 600 Families
Heat of Wheel Campaign 220 Health checkups of Children & women
PPE kits and Vitamin D Sachet Distribution 5000 Kits
COVID Task force 10 Communities

 We left no stone unturned in helping the crippled Health infrastructure by undertaking PPE distribution drives, providing ICU ambulance service, medicines, ventilators and oxygen cylinders. Our mask donation drive to the frontline workers and community members aided 23000 beneficiaries. Vaccination is one of the best weapons we have against COVID-19. Hence we undertook Vaccination awareness campaigns and vaccination drives which helped 2000+ beneficiaries. We set up a dedicated COVID-19 task force through which we undertook several initiatives in this war against the pandemic. Under the ‘Health on Wheels’ campaign we conducted health checkups for 200 children and 15 women.

COVID-19 impacted the poorest the most as their livelihoods were impacted. This led to an exponential increase in unemployment. In these unprecedented times, we at VIDYA Mumbai spearheaded Placement Assistance programmes which helped over 140 individuals to secure jobs. Our Digital India campaign aligns with the Government of India’s vision to transform India into a digitally empowered Nation. We undertook a digitisation workshop for community members which impacted 600 families. Despite our initiatives towards COVID-19 relief, we continued our education projects. Through the ‘Road to education’ initiative, we raised funds for the school fees of 300 children and youths.

VIDYA Mumbai’s meaningful and long-standing partnerships with donors and several other stakeholders further facilitated an agile and impactful COVID-19 relief response