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"VIDYA is a people’s movement; people helping people. One of the vital roles is to mentor, build confidence, inspire, develop the latent potential and help VIDYA students make their dreams come true."

VIDYA has a strong volunteering culture. VIDYA volunteers contribute greatly to the spirit and growth of the organization. Each year, volunteers from all over the world contribute their time, skills and money to teach and ignite young minds. They also grapple with administration, plan and coordinate projects, assist medical professionals and tap fundraising potentials… they are partners in change.

Volunteers from all walks of life, nationalities and backgrounds are encouraged to join the VIDYA movement .The contribution of the volunteers are greatly appreciated and tailored around their competence and availability. Over the years, thousands of volunteers from around the world have made a difference to VIDYA’s dreams and aspirations. They have ‘hand held’ and created the growth patterns of entire programs .They have also been a source of joy and personal growth for the staff with whom they work.

With volunteering comes in the much needed help, a different point of view, which is enriching and the ‘getting to know’ which is imperative to any change that one aspires for.

The success of every VIDYA programme can be traced to the passion and energy of its volunteers from across the globe. This dedicated group of people have contributed greatly to the spirit and development of the organisation.

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Be a VIDYA Volunteer, Make a Difference, Join the Movement!

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- Helping to professionalize our systems of HR and planning
-Training in management skills
- Finance Management
- Networking
- Marketing of Products
- Helping us liaison with corporate groups
- Developing publicity material
- Helping us create income generating projects for individuals
- Documentation
- You can help us procure donations from individuals, philanthropists, corporate houses and help us in resource management.
- Helping us fulfill the wish list of our needs.
- Helping us with donor management and planning
- Working with the fundraising opportuinties from the net
- Planning strategy of raising funds from events, schools, neighbourhood
- Generate donations in cash or kind from various sources
- Books
- Stationery
- Raw materials for production of handicrafts (Cloth scraps, paper etc)
- Teaching subjects
- English\Math\Science\Hindi\Marathi\Computers\life skills
- language preference-English\Hindi\Marathi
- Adult education for women
- Educating youth
- X and XII standard syllabi of the National Open School
- Children
- Developing educational software
- Developing teaching aids
Volunteers can help conduct camps on the following issues –

- Health and nutrition
- Sanitation and hygiene
- Disease and medication
- Family planning
- Life Skills
These workshops are usually for children but are also conducted for our women groups and adults in the open school and computer programs.

You may conduct\assist workshops in the following areas:
- Music
- Sports
- Art
- Theatre
- Other
Vocational training\inputs for women in the following areas:

- Handicrafts
- Food preparation and management
- Editing\putting together content
- Updates
VIDYA organises and takes part in events from time to time.

- In house events to mark festivals and special days
- Annual days and sports days
- Marathon
- Fund raisers
Documentation is educative, invaluable and inspirational.
Please help us with the documentation of our activities and events.
Via film, photographs,report design.
Here you can take one or more VIDYA beneficiaries under your wing.

Help them through their immediate challenges, like an exam or spoken English;and provide the inspiration to set ‘life goals’. These could be higher studies or career choices. It could also mean an orientation to experiences that would provide better social development—e.g. a trip to a coffee shop; a visit to an exhibition, planetarium or a concert.
VIDYA welcomes professionals/college students who would like to intern at VIDYA.

Time span-2 months up to a year.

As an intern you will be an integral part of the VIDYA family with clear set of goals and responsibilities.

Internships provide opportunities to gain experience in the field, help determine for those students to have an interest in a career in social development, create a network of contacts, and gain school credit and a certification from VIDYA.