August 14, 2018

“Ismat’s Eid” featured in Teacher Plus

Our congratulations to two of our VIDYA Mumbai leaders Jayashree Murali and Bhasyati Sinha, whose article "Ismat's Eid" has been...
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June 9, 2018

Milestone: New Community CLC in Ejipura, Bangalore!

Yet another milestone for VIDYA Bangalore! The Community Computer Learning Centre at Rajendra Nagara, Egipura will now help the students...
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May 28, 2018

Sanjana and Babu Modhale Make us Proud!

Not that it is the first time that Sanjana has done us proud, but this success deserves a huge celebration....
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May 25, 2018

Success Story: Sunaina

Girls with dreams become women with vision. Sunaina (2nd from right), a KPMG India scholar from the batch of 2018 of the...
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January 24, 2018

TATA Mumbai Marathon 2018

"When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: You haven't." These words by Thomas Edison truly come alive when you...
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December 10, 2017

VIDYA Celebrates Utsav 2017

Vidya India hosted its annual event ‘VIDYA UTSAV’ on 9th December 2017, at IIT Delhi to celebrate the joy of...
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December 10, 2017

VIDYA Bangalore Leaders Win Award

Dr. Deepa Srivastava's (Director Operations - VIDYA Bangalore) and Mrs. Devika Mathur's (Coordinator - South Bangalore, VIDYA) priceless contribution towards...
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From our Facebook Page


VIDYA is an NGO that empowers communities through an integrated approach by helping vulnerable members – youth, women and children- transform through education. Driven by the dictum “Empowering one, empowers the other” VIDYA envisions an India where every child gets an education, every youth an opportunity to succeed, and every woman the right to equality. With nationally-recognised programmes like remedial education, computer training, adult literacy, skills training, microfinance, and social entrepreneurship, the organisation believes in working with people at an individual level. Programs are offered in three major cities across India, in some of the poorest neighborhoods of Delhi, Haryana, Mumbai, and Bangalore. The team comprises 350 people including local and foreign volunteers, teachers and staff and a large circle of committed friends, donors and well-wishers. We've impacted more than 3,50,000 people over 33 years. The organization continues to run with fire in her belly, to educate, empower and transform India.
To all the wonderful men all over the world, thank you for being who you are.

If you are going through difficult times, or even just feeling neglected, please know that the world cares about you. Let's use today to really listen to one another without believing we already have all the answers and know the other's story.

Happy International Men's Day! ♂️

#InternationalMensDay #equality #mentalhealth #inclusion
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A milestone reached!:
It's Graduation day for the 2nd batch of VIDYA Sakthi, Women empowerment programme at APR. The proud students carried an air of confidence, wore a jewel of knowledgable smile, exhibited an aura of self belief, and presented the learnt skills in style at the graduation ceremony held Adarsh Palm Retreat!m
VIDYA shared NDTV's live video.
34 years and one mantra...'Educate. Empower. Transform'!

VIDYA's underlying philosophy is leadership for tomorrow.

The VIDYA School, Gurugram, our flagship project runs a state of the art school campus with all the essential facilities and infrastructure that are required for the nurturing and flowering of academic, intellectual, creative and artistic excellence in the youth and children of today. We believe that it is entirely possible and necessary to provide less privileged children with the same quality of education and exposure one would receive at an elite school. Because opportunity and quality education is every child's right!

A proud moment for the VIDYA School students as their achievements, zeal and passion to fulfill their dreams gets acknowledged by NDTV anchor Ms Sonal Mehrotra, on her program Youth Quake.

It is an honor for VIDYA to be featured on NDTV. Thank you so much for covering us and acknowledging our efforts.

#Vidyaschoolgurugram #vidyaindia #education #youthquake #ndtv #vidyastudents #opportunities #empoerment #transformation
A maid's daughter now studies English Honours at LSR, a press-wala's son is studying to be an astronaut, daughter of an alcoholic abusing auto rickshaw driver wants to be a feminist. We bring you a very inspiring episode of YouthQuake from Vidya School in Gurgaon.
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Our founder Rashmi Misra ji Honoured one of our Core Team Member Janvi Visaarji for her years of selfless service and working towards elevating level & quality of education in less-privileged sections of our society.
Some awesome news from VIDYA! The students from our flagship school in Gurugram will be speaking on NDTV today at 7:30 PM for the Youthquake program!

This is a huge moment for them. Please tune in to hear what these amazing children have to say, and support them by liking and sharing this post on your FB page!
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Celebrating children as they are!:
Celebrating the innocence behind the innovative minds, celebrating the child behind the calibre, celebrating the young wits behind the wisdom, celebrating the tiny think tank behind the thoughtful deeds, celebrating the innate beauty of childhood!

Children's day celebrations at VIDYA Bangalore, Rajendra Nagar Centre making its mark with competitions and cultural activities!